Edits Who Edits?

Ok that was the name of my sister's blog post last week with some darling photos of her children. It is fitting title tonight because I am just so excited that I don't have time to edit. My friend Stephanie (remember the one with the awesome announcements) is getting married in a couple weeks and I got to take some bridals with future husband Aaron tonight. It was a dream. Sarah Jane was my stylist and it was a blast. Seriously so fun that people can make a career out of this stuff. But just a little sneak peek of the goodness I got to encounter tonight.



I should go to bed but neither of my room mates and home and it is too late to call anyone to tell them about things I want to say, so this will be my arena.
Both of my parents left me a voicemail today. I have no memory of my mom ever doing that because it takes minutes. She even used half the message to explain how weird it was for her to be leaving a message but that she really needed to... etc. And it has been a long time since my dad left one too- strange.
Now I shouldn't do this, but I am going to. I had a friend put this up as his status:

God Help The Girl = Instant Classic. I haven't talked to him in awhile but I thought hey this is a nice way to say hello sort of a thing- ya know reconnect. So I commented:

Agreed. Come Monday Night is too beautiful. Immediately he responded:

If you like this, then listen to Belle & Sebastian! I kind of chuckled because I know a lot of their songs and they have been around for awhile so my pride got the best of me and I thought well I ought to let him know (mistake- I realize.) So I wrote back:

old news dude. You were gone for two years, so I will give you two years to catch up :) So not neccessary. But then two seconds later I get this response.

Nah, Becca, I've listened to them since high school. They were old news long before you finally caught up. :) I just thought I'd make sure you didn't miss them.

Tonight I just wanted to remind everyone that social networking is hard work. You never know people's tone of voice, you type pointless things and then it is awkward. That's all.


Well I still like eating. Not today though. Sadly I ate a Totino's Crispy Crust pizza (ya know the ones that are 97 cents) then I had a rootbeer float and tried to play soccer after FHE. Bad news bears. But sometimes I make exciting things and I like to share.

This was the perfect meal day of my life. Or just perfect. I came home and decided I deserved both chicken and shrimp. And I put lots of ice in my water. I read Kelli's Real Simple Cookbook because the pictures are so pretty. And in case there weren't enough pretty pictures, I checked out this beautiful book, it is called "A Year in Japan" by Kate Williamson. She writes about these random details about living in Japan that people don't really talk about and then she has the loveliest watercolor paintings to accompany her writing.

Kim's brownies, or Wendy's brownies-- whoever you want to give credit too. They have a layer of chocolate chips and pecans and caramel. I may or may not have made this recipe 3 times in the past two weeks. Too much? I don't think so. Especially when you have cute girls like this to eat them up:

Jerusalem bridal shower! The girl with the red hair on the bottom row is getting married. I just got her announcements today and seriously the best one I have seen in years. Not that I judge wedding announcements or anything... but hers is so beautiful. If she gives me permission I will take some pictures and show the world.

Ok what is this you wonder? Probably the most awkward of all awkward events that happens on BYU campus. Yes, it is an EFY dance from the aerial view. A girl at work wanted me to take some photos for her on the roof of the JFSB. While I was waiting, I looked around at the windows and to my delight I saw this view. The counselors have orange shirts sprinkled through the crowd. Now I can't diss this sight too much because I love my sister Emily and Melissa Chalk too much to do such a thing- but seriously it was so fun to watch. Lots of interesting interactions that I had a perfect view of and no one even knew I was staring. Well that's not true- after about 30 min of being mesmerized, some kids spotted me and started waving. Of course when the other kids saw some kids waving, they wanted to see what was up and soon enough I had half the group waving at me. So I felt way stupid and moved to a different window of course.

Do you like pita? Do you like tilapia? Maybe you have never tried it but you know it is fish and you know it is cheap and you wonder hey, could I make something that actually tastes good with this sea meat? The answer is yes because Rachel Ray is so good at helping people. She inspired me to make this delight. You dip the tilapia in flour, egg, and italian bread crumbs mixed with old bay. Then fry it in some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil- yes I know I could have typed it in the first place but I want to be like Rachel and that is how she says it). Meanwhile, put some tomatoes, green and red peppers, and red onion with salt, peppper, and some EVOO (see I am getting better). Put those in the oven on like 400 degrees or some other number that is very high. Roast those up and if you can afford it, add some feta immediately when it comes out and let it get melty soft on the veggies. Lastly, you can make a little greek yogurt, horseradish, relish, lemon zest concoction to spice things up. Next- put all those things in your pita pocket and stuff your face. Of course I don't buy feta- but I did have some cottage cheese which may gross you out- but I NEED it for my potato chips. It was lovely. Try it. Be filled.


no need to blog

hey people. the nice thing about this summer is that my sister, Emily, is keeping record of my personal history. I don't have to take pictures - because she is taking pictures of everything and I don't have to write things down to remember what I did and where I was because she does that for me. It is almost like hiring a personal historian but oh wait, it's free.
This summer has been too much fun. Trips- Texas, St. George, Lake Powell, Bear Lake, Utah trek. Lots of awesomeness. If you want to see pictures of my adventures feel free to check out my sister's blog here.
Happy summer to you and yours. I hope it is turning out splendidly. Happy July 16th.


I really like Provo

I hear people sometimes diss the whole single life and living in Provo and how it gets old- which I have agreed with on some occasions, but today and most days I really really love it. I love the spontaneity. I like all the cool people I get to talk to and the variety- yes, variety. There is so much of it. And there are so many things to do for ward activities and just fun things. And I know it isn't New York or somewhere metropolis and I know you have to drive everywhere, but I just want the world to know that Becca loves Provo. I heart it. I eat it up. Literally, thank you chick-fil-a for the free sandwich coupon at the parade.
Oh yeah I love America too.