I should go to bed but neither of my room mates and home and it is too late to call anyone to tell them about things I want to say, so this will be my arena.
Both of my parents left me a voicemail today. I have no memory of my mom ever doing that because it takes minutes. She even used half the message to explain how weird it was for her to be leaving a message but that she really needed to... etc. And it has been a long time since my dad left one too- strange.
Now I shouldn't do this, but I am going to. I had a friend put this up as his status:

God Help The Girl = Instant Classic. I haven't talked to him in awhile but I thought hey this is a nice way to say hello sort of a thing- ya know reconnect. So I commented:

Agreed. Come Monday Night is too beautiful. Immediately he responded:

If you like this, then listen to Belle & Sebastian! I kind of chuckled because I know a lot of their songs and they have been around for awhile so my pride got the best of me and I thought well I ought to let him know (mistake- I realize.) So I wrote back:

old news dude. You were gone for two years, so I will give you two years to catch up :) So not neccessary. But then two seconds later I get this response.

Nah, Becca, I've listened to them since high school. They were old news long before you finally caught up. :) I just thought I'd make sure you didn't miss them.

Tonight I just wanted to remind everyone that social networking is hard work. You never know people's tone of voice, you type pointless things and then it is awkward. That's all.

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