I should go to bed but neither of my room mates and home and it is too late to call anyone to tell them about things I want to say, so this will be my arena.
Both of my parents left me a voicemail today. I have no memory of my mom ever doing that because it takes minutes. She even used half the message to explain how weird it was for her to be leaving a message but that she really needed to... etc. And it has been a long time since my dad left one too- strange.
Now I shouldn't do this, but I am going to. I had a friend put this up as his status:

God Help The Girl = Instant Classic. I haven't talked to him in awhile but I thought hey this is a nice way to say hello sort of a thing- ya know reconnect. So I commented:

Agreed. Come Monday Night is too beautiful. Immediately he responded:

If you like this, then listen to Belle & Sebastian! I kind of chuckled because I know a lot of their songs and they have been around for awhile so my pride got the best of me and I thought well I ought to let him know (mistake- I realize.) So I wrote back:

old news dude. You were gone for two years, so I will give you two years to catch up :) So not neccessary. But then two seconds later I get this response.

Nah, Becca, I've listened to them since high school. They were old news long before you finally caught up. :) I just thought I'd make sure you didn't miss them.

Tonight I just wanted to remind everyone that social networking is hard work. You never know people's tone of voice, you type pointless things and then it is awkward. That's all.


Jana said...

agreed. oh, so agreed.

but it can be entertaining, too. hahaha

melimba said...

you are a dork.
i love how COOL/uNCooL you can be. :) jk.
that's funny.

Hoggey Bears said...

I totally read that conversation haha and then I had to look them up myself because apparently, I am the one behind.

melimba said...

so, you did a "edit? who edits?" post---but then decided not to?

the beauty of GOOGLE READER. you published, but then unpublished, apparently.


I want to see the pictures. ASAP.

love you.