I really like Provo

I hear people sometimes diss the whole single life and living in Provo and how it gets old- which I have agreed with on some occasions, but today and most days I really really love it. I love the spontaneity. I like all the cool people I get to talk to and the variety- yes, variety. There is so much of it. And there are so many things to do for ward activities and just fun things. And I know it isn't New York or somewhere metropolis and I know you have to drive everywhere, but I just want the world to know that Becca loves Provo. I heart it. I eat it up. Literally, thank you chick-fil-a for the free sandwich coupon at the parade.
Oh yeah I love America too.


Jana said...

i like this.

melimba said...

i like this.
and i like you too.

go becca, go.

living the dream...