no need to blog

hey people. the nice thing about this summer is that my sister, Emily, is keeping record of my personal history. I don't have to take pictures - because she is taking pictures of everything and I don't have to write things down to remember what I did and where I was because she does that for me. It is almost like hiring a personal historian but oh wait, it's free.
This summer has been too much fun. Trips- Texas, St. George, Lake Powell, Bear Lake, Utah trek. Lots of awesomeness. If you want to see pictures of my adventures feel free to check out my sister's blog here.
Happy summer to you and yours. I hope it is turning out splendidly. Happy July 16th.


melimba said...

cop out!
you stink!!

do your own blogging!!!

emily snyder said...

hahaha!! you are a nerd.
i totally agree with miss. total cop out. you tell the stories so much better. your writing voice is much more entertaining.

you are just always so nice to let me be apart of your social life. i have to take pictures so i pretend i have a life. but wait, i don't. it's YOURS!!