Lizzy's Face

I am now in the relief society presidency in my ward. Awhile ago I was thinking about all the really fashionable girls in my ward. I thought hm, how could I get them to give me all their cute clothes? Just kidding. That is not how my thought process went. But it is one of the fun benefits about our closing social tonight: A Clothing Swap! I am really excited. After I read Melissa's favorite book "Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui" I was so motivated to clean everything out and get my life organized again. I want to have more room in my life to do the things I want to do instead of spending my energy maintaining things, finding things, buying things, etc. So I did a big clean out of my life and my things and I it has brought me so much joy that I figured my ward sisters would feel the same way. So we are going to have a little lesson about provident living and then trade our recent clean outs.
I always have the same problem when I do a big clean out- one of my sisters wants my things when I clean it all out. So usually it goes into Lizzy's closet and then when I am visiting and going through her closet I say,"Hey this is mine" and I take it back. Real effective method. But I am trying to just let go of things. It is a process to master, but I think it is worth it.
So anyway. Today I went through my closet for the 5th time to grab another few things for the activity tonight. I became more generous than I have ever been and even tapped into my cuter clothes that I never wear. Then I called Liz to do ichat in case she wanted anything and she wanted 9 of the 11 things. So I guess it doesn't matter who gets my clothes as long as they are out of my sight. Right when I got through the end of the pile, ichat froze and left Lizzy's face. This is what I found when I looked up at the screen:


melimba said...

too funny.
that is hillllaaaaarious.
i see that same face ALL THE TIME on ichat. very cute.

good project!

emily snyder said...

love love love the perfect teeth smile!! love that we never really get rid of clothes, they just rotate through a different sister's closet . . . we so need to stop doing that.