Utah, we love thee.

If you are a true Utah lover you will know that my title, is the title of our state anthem. If I knew it, I would certainly be singing it the past 2 weekends. A little window view of my time in the beautiful Huntsville, Utah.

Then little Lizbert won a blue ribbon at the state fair! This is a close-up (as close as I could get zooming past the roped off territory) of the bag she made for 4-h.

I think this is a lovely photo of the artist and her creation. She looks so poised like a real woman. She is only 14. Wow. Don't worry though, the boys at my stake dance thought she was much older- oh yeah and the boy at the hot tub-- a bit awkward.

Distant shot and shout out to our Long-Horn crew in Tejas.

Most interesting part of the State Fair (besides the pig races and people watching) this udderly beautiful cow sculpture made completely out of butter. Sick.


I am officially an adult.

I shouldn't be admitting this, but here goes. All growing up we weren't allowed to watch TV on school nights. I longed for Fridays and Saturday mornings so that I could watch TV. On Friday afternoons, I would camp out for hours on the couch and get ready for the Olsen twins, Boy Meets World, a little Sabrina the Teenage Witch- all those good TGIF wonders. Without fail, my dad would come home from work and say," Why are you still watching TV, why don't you read a book or something?" I would roll my eyes and get back to Disney Channel.

Now here comes the shocker. Sometimes I would break the rules. If my mom wasn't home when I got home from school, I would turn on the TV (on a low volume of course so Melissa and I could still hear the garage door open). So today when I knew I would be coming home to babysit Lizzy, I thought oh I am going to be a nice sister and we can watch TV this afternoon.
Well maybe I wasn't really thinking of Lizzy- I was thinking oh wow I could watch my parents my TV on a school night and not even feel guilty about it.

But here's the kicker. I didn't come home and meet Danny Tanner.

No instruction from my favorite Ina Garten today.

I let the Lorelai's do their own thing.
I didn't even check in with Duff and Charm City Cakes.

No people, I read a book! I started this sometime last week and haven't wanted to put it down but somehow life gets too busy at the beginning of the semester to just read a book for fun. I knew the semester would only get more busy and I have been waiting for this book at the library all summer so I knew I wouldn't get it in my hands again (until I found out my mom had it the whole time: huge let down). So people- what did I do with my free afternoon on a school night? I read. And it was oh so good. I think I read the whole last half this afternoon and I just finished it a few moments ago. I am not even in an emotional mood, but I even teared up. It is so good. Put it on hold at the library, borrow it from your mom's aunt's neighbor. It is lovely and educational and inspiring and uplifting and appropriate and motivating and wholesome.

P.S. To celebrate my adulthood, I ate peaches and ice cream and listened to Justin Beiber while I wrote this... still an adult?


Another Wedding!

Team- so glad to know there is a team. I don't get any notifications when people comment, so imagine my delight with 7 comments in one day! Truly lovely. Thanks for all the help. I can't remember who suggested the beccamade, but I love it. I think I am going to go with rebeccamade so I can emphasize the REbecca made. Fun.

So rewind to a monthish ago when I got to photograph this lovely wedding. Tristan is a friend of mine from my ward. We bonded through crafts. We had a relief society activity to make headbands last year and she brought the most beautiful scrap fabrics. Her mom is a dress maker so she had some really lovely things. She taught us all how to do some crazy awesome things. This is just a little background so we can appreciate the little details of her wedding. I think she did a wonderful job! It was so fun to take pictures of.

the moms- so cute.

Her husband's dad is a well-known art history professor. They are friends with Brian Kershisnik - he makes lovely paintings with the charcoal outlines. They hung this piece of his as a backdrop for people who used the mic during the luncheon. So lovely.

This is the artist. I just felt really cool that I got to be chillin with the Kershisnik's- not that we were chilling, it was more like me just saying "ok smile". But still.

Love this last one. I don't think they knew I was snapping.


New website

I am in a web design class and I will be creating my own site here pretty soon. But first I need a domain. Last year, I bought the site "beccabury.com." I don't know if that is what I really want to go by for all my days. Because this whole website thing is like branding. So some options:

DESIGNBYBECCA.com --- sounds cheesy
THERSNYDER.com --- I love signing R Snyder, but in case I get married at some point before I die, it would be nice to not have to change my website. But let's be honest that event will not be happening anytime soon.

Those are the normalest ones. But since I will probably be making a logo for myself, I thought maybe I could do something with imagery. I really like bees and the way they look and beehives and the connection with Utah and all that- so I could do BEEBECCA.com
Somewhat odd. Or I was thinking of how in high school people would yell my name like it was a bird or something. I love love love birds. And my friend Sarah Jane thinks it is the animal that is most similar to me (don't know what that means... I will take it though, because I love birds.) So along with that idea I could do BECCAW.com or BECCAAH.com
Problems- I don't spell my name like the Bible and that is how it kind of looks or that my last name starts with a W. So I would for sure have to include some bird imagery.
Last option: In high school my US history teacher would raise his nostril and say "snide snyder." I don't really want that be my nickname for the rest of my days, but it is an option.

Or I could just stay with Beccabury.com but it's weird. I don't really know how to explain it and my design friends tease me all the time about it. So I am trying to avoid this.

Please help.