Another Wedding!

Team- so glad to know there is a team. I don't get any notifications when people comment, so imagine my delight with 7 comments in one day! Truly lovely. Thanks for all the help. I can't remember who suggested the beccamade, but I love it. I think I am going to go with rebeccamade so I can emphasize the REbecca made. Fun.

So rewind to a monthish ago when I got to photograph this lovely wedding. Tristan is a friend of mine from my ward. We bonded through crafts. We had a relief society activity to make headbands last year and she brought the most beautiful scrap fabrics. Her mom is a dress maker so she had some really lovely things. She taught us all how to do some crazy awesome things. This is just a little background so we can appreciate the little details of her wedding. I think she did a wonderful job! It was so fun to take pictures of.

the moms- so cute.

Her husband's dad is a well-known art history professor. They are friends with Brian Kershisnik - he makes lovely paintings with the charcoal outlines. They hung this piece of his as a backdrop for people who used the mic during the luncheon. So lovely.

This is the artist. I just felt really cool that I got to be chillin with the Kershisnik's- not that we were chilling, it was more like me just saying "ok smile". But still.

Love this last one. I don't think they knew I was snapping.


melimba said...

um, just so you know, it was ME who suggested "beccamade"
so. do I win some sort of prize?

i am so happy. that was my favorite too.

anyway, love these photos you are posting. let's see some more, asap.


p.s. I've decided you should be a FOOD photographer. Those are your very best ones. It AMAZES ME, b/c those are the HARDEST photos to take.
not to say that the others aren't great too... but those food ones and "still life" ones? awesome.
Good work, girl.

emily snyder said...

becc, maybe miss' prize should be a box of frosted mini-wheats ;-)

i like beccamade too. lots.
remember how you will be packing to come visit in a month from today!!?? are you going to bring your good camera?? i have decided that i want to do a collection of door photos. there are SOOOO many beautiful doors around here!

Brittany said...

uh hello, why have i not discovered you here until now?? consider me a reader. love your photos and i love that everyone drank pellegrino.