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I am in a web design class and I will be creating my own site here pretty soon. But first I need a domain. Last year, I bought the site "beccabury.com." I don't know if that is what I really want to go by for all my days. Because this whole website thing is like branding. So some options:

DESIGNBYBECCA.com --- sounds cheesy
THERSNYDER.com --- I love signing R Snyder, but in case I get married at some point before I die, it would be nice to not have to change my website. But let's be honest that event will not be happening anytime soon.

Those are the normalest ones. But since I will probably be making a logo for myself, I thought maybe I could do something with imagery. I really like bees and the way they look and beehives and the connection with Utah and all that- so I could do BEEBECCA.com
Somewhat odd. Or I was thinking of how in high school people would yell my name like it was a bird or something. I love love love birds. And my friend Sarah Jane thinks it is the animal that is most similar to me (don't know what that means... I will take it though, because I love birds.) So along with that idea I could do BECCAW.com or BECCAAH.com
Problems- I don't spell my name like the Bible and that is how it kind of looks or that my last name starts with a W. So I would for sure have to include some bird imagery.
Last option: In high school my US history teacher would raise his nostril and say "snide snyder." I don't really want that be my nickname for the rest of my days, but it is an option.

Or I could just stay with Beccabury.com but it's weird. I don't really know how to explain it and my design friends tease me all the time about it. So I am trying to avoid this.

Please help.
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