New website

I am in a web design class and I will be creating my own site here pretty soon. But first I need a domain. Last year, I bought the site "beccabury.com." I don't know if that is what I really want to go by for all my days. Because this whole website thing is like branding. So some options:

DESIGNBYBECCA.com --- sounds cheesy
THERSNYDER.com --- I love signing R Snyder, but in case I get married at some point before I die, it would be nice to not have to change my website. But let's be honest that event will not be happening anytime soon.

Those are the normalest ones. But since I will probably be making a logo for myself, I thought maybe I could do something with imagery. I really like bees and the way they look and beehives and the connection with Utah and all that- so I could do BEEBECCA.com
Somewhat odd. Or I was thinking of how in high school people would yell my name like it was a bird or something. I love love love birds. And my friend Sarah Jane thinks it is the animal that is most similar to me (don't know what that means... I will take it though, because I love birds.) So along with that idea I could do BECCAW.com or BECCAAH.com
Problems- I don't spell my name like the Bible and that is how it kind of looks or that my last name starts with a W. So I would for sure have to include some bird imagery.
Last option: In high school my US history teacher would raise his nostril and say "snide snyder." I don't really want that be my nickname for the rest of my days, but it is an option.

Or I could just stay with Beccabury.com but it's weird. I don't really know how to explain it and my design friends tease me all the time about it. So I am trying to avoid this.

Please help.


Jane Ann Fosson said...

Hahah! I totally remember when Birrell (spelling?) would do that. How funny! That made my morning. Thanks for that!

Oh, whatever you choose, make sure it is easy to spell if you are just telling someone about the website. You probably want to get word-of-mouth referrals. Just an idea. Good luck!

melimba said...

ok, I'd say do Beebecca.com OR beccabee.com

i like becca bee.
i agree, the image of a bee is really nice.

easy to spell is KEY!
you want to change the beccabury? okay okay. sorry I made the rash decision that one day. :)

becca made

or becca.com
can you do that? or bebecca.com
like a play on REbecca?

i'll keep thinking.
good luck!

melimba said...

i am liking the flow of beccabee.com

Sarah Middleton said...

since i have no real design expertise, i thought i would comment. i don't like designbybecca because it reminds of runaway bride when she has those lamps and it's called design by mag or something.

anyway, when i read thersnyder i thought that you had done some sort of misspelling of their/there/they're. also, since you are not expecting to get married, i am submitting your name as the first roomie in the apt to get married.

beccaw is a little bit weird, but i do love the bird idea.

beccabee...as melissa suggested...is probs my favorite.

i tried thinking of adjectives that start with b, but here's a sample of what i came up with: bulimic, brash, bovine, and brilliant. not much help. ha.

emily snyder said...

i vote you stay with something with Rebecca or Becca. but i don't know if you really want the bee or bird - just not as professional. a lady brought her resume, and web address and it was cute-ish and we were instantly turned off. i do really like the beccamade or madebyrebecca. or madebybecca or rebeccamade.

Shara said...

I agree with Emily. I think beccamade or rebeccamade or something like that sound good. I'm sure you'll come up with something great!

Brittany Brooks said...

Oh my, you sisters are so dang smart. I love beccabee (well actually I love beccaboo but going along with Emily's suggestion its probably not very professional) any-ho! I also like beccamade so those are my two votes...do I get two? Idk...if I had to choose I would choose beccabee cuz I think it is cuter but beccamade is more professional...professional sounds kind of stuffy to me but I guess it is sometimes the key to success in this world!