Utah, we love thee.

If you are a true Utah lover you will know that my title, is the title of our state anthem. If I knew it, I would certainly be singing it the past 2 weekends. A little window view of my time in the beautiful Huntsville, Utah.

Then little Lizbert won a blue ribbon at the state fair! This is a close-up (as close as I could get zooming past the roped off territory) of the bag she made for 4-h.

I think this is a lovely photo of the artist and her creation. She looks so poised like a real woman. She is only 14. Wow. Don't worry though, the boys at my stake dance thought she was much older- oh yeah and the boy at the hot tub-- a bit awkward.

Distant shot and shout out to our Long-Horn crew in Tejas.

Most interesting part of the State Fair (besides the pig races and people watching) this udderly beautiful cow sculpture made completely out of butter. Sick.


melimba said...

new blog!?! that's crazy!
look at how different everything is!!
you're crazy.

also, who even knows that the motto for the state is, "utah, we love thee"? you do. of course.

I love Lizzy's bag all finished. Way to be, Lizbert. And, way to capture it, Becca.

Also, I could have done without the butter sculpture. It made me puke. Not really, but I thought about it.

good work. more posts. now. thanks in advance.

Brittany said...

I love Utah too. When people make fun of it, I just feel bad for their ignorant selves. They don't even know the state song...