Utah, we love thee.

If you are a true Utah lover you will know that my title, is the title of our state anthem. If I knew it, I would certainly be singing it the past 2 weekends. A little window view of my time in the beautiful Huntsville, Utah.

Then little Lizbert won a blue ribbon at the state fair! This is a close-up (as close as I could get zooming past the roped off territory) of the bag she made for 4-h.

I think this is a lovely photo of the artist and her creation. She looks so poised like a real woman. She is only 14. Wow. Don't worry though, the boys at my stake dance thought she was much older- oh yeah and the boy at the hot tub-- a bit awkward.

Distant shot and shout out to our Long-Horn crew in Tejas.

Most interesting part of the State Fair (besides the pig races and people watching) this udderly beautiful cow sculpture made completely out of butter. Sick.

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