I love love love BYU

Feelin good in the neighborhood. Yesterday and today it rained, meaning that I finally got a real taste of what this year is going to be like because in the fall and winter semesters you spend many more days walking to campus in boots and umbrellas rather than the perfect navy blue Target linen shorts, your Hanes white v-neck, and your mom's Hawaiian hay sandals.

Visual Aid (they are the Nephite sandals on me in the lower step there. Can't go anywhere without them. Thanks mom.)

As I ducked for cover under my itty bitty black polka dot covering (sung to the to tune to itty bitty yellow polka dot bikini please) I thought this is going to be a good year, my last at BYU. And truly, I am not ready to leave. Which is good because maybe in 8 months my opinions will have changed. But so many times I hear people say, "Oh I am just majoring in this or that so that I can get out of here" or "I am so ready to graduate and be done." No siree. I think it is finally sinking it what a lovely honor it is to attend a university.

When in my life will I get to study interesting things all day and expand my world and have experts of my field throwing information at me, and then even testing me to encourage me to read their provided material?
Too awesome.

Maybe I am a little late on the bandwagon or maybe it is because I am in all the classes I have ever wanted to be in and so it feels real good.

Anyway, here's to fall! But because I gave you a little snipit of that photoshoot up top, I shall explain and expound. Those are the darling chicas of my apartment last year in front of our apartment on the most darlingest street in all of Provo. Even though I am absolutely loving my new room mates and the new place, I do miss the old ones so so much. We took these photos our very last night together.

loved this New Era Mormonad.

All of the plants in the house--ok I lied. We're missing a few, what can I say we just love to bring nature indoors! We had a lemon tree, 2 randoms, a boxwood basil, mint, and thyme!

Room mate shots. Kelli and Sarah Jane were cheerleaders in high school so sometimes I have to prove to them that even though I wasn't a cheerleader- I still totally have good moves. See look how pleased Sarah is, she loves my herkie.

And the girls on the other side of the hall- they are way good at dancing, see. (Side note: they both really are really good at dancing. They even took a latin dance class together this summer, way cute right?)
Who wouldn't want to come home to this beauty each day with 3 awesome girls inside. I would have to say it has been the best year of my college experience. Thanks chicas.

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