I think I'll go to Boston

I may or may not have torn a ligament in my foot on a Tuesday. On a Thursday morning I boarded a flight- with my big boot and headed back east. When I came home, the boot was in my gracious mother's suitcase. Boston is a healing place people. Oh and look who I got to interact with:


melimba said...

woot woot!
someone FINALLY posted pictures. I was beginning to think that it was all a dream... did it really happen? did Becca really ever have a torn ligament? did Calvin really throw up on every article of my clothing?

yes. yes. and yes.

good work. great descriptions--not! that's okay. Good work on the photos.
the one where you're leaning on my shoulder b/c you're afraid? probably MY least favorite. thanks for posting it. I'll get even. :)


A Mitton said...

So I know you came for your family . . . but I'm a little sad I didn't see you too, since you were in my city. You just have to come back again, okay?

Kim said...

Looks like you girls had a blast, I would much rather be in Boston than dealing with everything I am! Boston looks gorgeous!

Lace said...

I love your hair Bec. It's super cute! You really pull it off well and I bet you pulled off that boot well too. No one could probably wear one with as much flair as you!