Many semesters ago when I was in my advertising class, our TA would show us the great examples. I am now wishing I could remember all of them but I did remember one of them this week and have been showing it to everyone I can.

This is another one I really love.

For FHE the other night, we had a YouTube night and everyone got to show a video. Well that was the plan, but we didn't get through everyone. I kept saying, "I have a video I want to share but it's not funny- it is just really beautiful." I probably said that exact like 5 times because I wanted to show it and I knew people would love it but I didn't want to be too domineering ya know? So once everyone left I turned to my room mates and said, "Ok I am showing you this video whether you like it or not." Success, but not enough. So I show you now: (Background- this was actually Melissa's favorite video first. She showed it to me in her apartment right after she got married when I was in my senior year of high school. Full credit goes to her and Aaron.)

Last but not least. Maddie introduced me to this a couple weeks ago. They are tap dancers and they do this to prepare before they actually do the moves with their feet. Truly inspiring.


melimba said...

I loved these. especially the lamp one. OH! and the Tap dance delight with the hands?! oh my. SO great. I'm going to watch it AGAIN so I can be happy.
Good luck with your posters. Good post, girl.

Sarah Middleton said...

I LOVE the Sony video. I was mesmerized. I also thought the lamp one was hilarious and the wind one too. Oh my goodness, I loved the wind one a lot actually. So wonderful.