Another Job

So yesterday I saw a friend from high school who is pregnant. She gave me a little update and then she said," So are you still going to school?"
I said, "Yeah I'm studying graphic design and then I graduate in April."
Then she said, "Ok so is anything else going on?"
I kind of laughed to myself but I didn't understand exactly what she was asking.Llike if she wanted to know if I was dating someone or engaged or something or maybe she had heard about Robert and I or something.
But I just said uh, no and we wrapped it up.

It is very interesting to answer people's questions based on how they know you or how often you talk. I wasn't going to start saying well yeah there is a lot going on: I just got hired as the designer for the Education in Zion gallery in the Joseph Smith building and I just won the HRS Christmas Card competition and one of my dearest friends has her mission farewell this week and I am making graduation adventure plans and I am throwing 2 bridal showers in the next 2 weeks and I just did a deep clean of my room and I made a delicious spinach and shrimp pasta last week and my roommates are absolutely wonderful and I love my ward and I am Relief Society president so I have several interviews to complete this week and my marriage prep class has been the most educational class I have taken at BYU and I love to go in and talk to my professor about why the world behaves as it does and I am writing a research paper about vintage aprons, scarves, and tablecloths that were created between the 1930s and 1960s and I am working on coding my portfolio website and I just got home from Boston with my sisters and I get to go to St.George for Thanksgiving and I just got some new grey zuriick shoes and I am absolutely loving them and I just finished studying for my organization behavior test and I am creating some wedding announcements for a friend in my ward and I just discovered some new music that is rocking my world.

Anyway, I didn't say all that but I am loving this last year of my BYU life. I saw some friends from freshman year the other day and as I walked away, I thought of how different I am right now than I was when I shared a bathroom with those girls. College has been good.
As I look toward graduation, I have already been making plans about which people I am going to meet outside of the Marriott Center to take a photo with in our caps and gowns.

Oh and family you might want to be prepared for a photo shoot because there are all these random place on campus that I love and as I have been walking around, I keep thinking- oh let's take a photo there with me in my cap and gown, oh and that tree I just love that tree, we'll need a photo there for sure.

I have also been more sentimental about the college experience because I am in an art exhibition about women and education and why it is important for women, particularly in the Church, to be educated. If you have any interest, come to the opening reception! It is called "After Eve" next Thursday, Nov. 18th and it will be at the Education in Zion Gallery in the Joseph Smith Building at 7:30, on BYU campus of course.


emily snyder said...

so i have tears in my eyes. i love that i get to be related to you - for forever! i soo wish i was going to be there for the 18th opening night of the gallery. i desperately want to see the Christmas card design that you WON! i want to know what the new music is. i want to be in st. george for thanksgiving with you. basically, i want to tag along with you.
and graduation, i love that you are thinking of where to have pictures. i just wanted to be done.
i want to be you when i grow up.

A Mitton said...

Okay, hired to be the designer for the Education in Zion gallery? That's AWESOME. Congratulations! I want to hear how that goes.

And I'm sad I'm missing the shower for Miranda tomorrow. I'm sure it will be fantastic, you always do such a good job with things like that. I kind of want to make you and Melissa plan mine when I get married ... but who knows where we'll all be then, so it wouldn't be particularly convenient.

Jana said...

Oh Becca, I love you. I'm glad that you have so many great things going on. Please come over for a fun dinner sometime?

melimba said...

A+ work here. If I were a grader, that's the grade I'd give you. But since I'm your sister, a cyber high five will suffice.

It's true how we edit everything depending on who we're talking to. I've thought it's so funny how those awkward conversations happen, but never said it out loud before. And now you've written it. So great.

Good work on the juggling act. You make it look easy.

p.s. you didn't cite your images. consider this a cyber slap on your hand. :)
(so much cyber slapping going on in this comment. sorry)

melimba said...

p.s. no way are we going to have the patience for you and your graduation pictures. EVERY tree on campus can't be meaningful to you, can it?

totally kidding.


Sarah Middleton said...

I just love you! And I thought more about our blog conversation from this very morn and here's my thing...your blog is awesome because you really do have things to write about. My blog would be like...well my group worked 8 hours on a tax research project that dealt with original issue discounts and installment sales and we still couldn't figure it out, but turned it in anyway. Anyway, I hope you'll let me be in some pics on graduation day.

Heather said...

Becca, I just discovered your blog and I am so sad I didn't know about it before now because I love it. More importantly I love you and everything you are doing. Congratulations on being the designer and for the christmas cards and everything! You are so talented and I am already proud to boast to everyone that you were my nook mate in Jerusalem. See you in December!

Brittany said...

becca becca becca. i absolutely love when i get to spend just a little bit of time with you. aka today. i'm glad you told all that stuff to your blog and not to that girl because then i can creepily read it. i'm totally coming to your exhibit because a. i think you're a rockstar and b. i'm a feminist.

i may have to over exert myself and come visit you on the second floor more often. that's how cool i think you are.