I am in a situation.
My ward "closing social" is on Dec. 10th. It should be awesome. Food, slideshow, possibly my room-mates and I sharing a special talent on stage (we still need to ask).

Now rewind to yesterday, my boss decides that we will have our work Christmas party on the 10th. Oh no, what is a girl to do? I have been brainstorming this party with my boss since probably July. I love love love all my co-workers and have been really wanting to meet all their significant others.

Both events start at the same time. I see people in my ward all the time and I see people at work quite often as well. But I have reduced my hours, meaning I see them less. While I stew about it-- I will keep singing this lovely song by Brandi Carlile.

And I discovered a new band! Well I didn't really bring them fame or anything, but I really love them. SJ and I decided they are a nice blend between folk and electronica and harmony time. Take a listen, if you would like.

For the record: the song is called "fall into love" but I am in a marriage prep class right now and I have learned a great deal. I just want to say that I do know that there is no such thing as "falling in love." It is a decision, it is not something that just happens to you and you have to go with it. You do have control. So even though I like the song, I do not approve their message. Thank your ladies and gentleman.

If you enjoyed it, here is another. If not, so sad for you.


A Mitton said...


First, I'm sorry about the party dilemma. I hate when stuff like that happens. Good luck! I'm sure both parties will be great; hopefully you can go to both of them :)

Second, I've been sitting here at my computer thinking about the idea of having control over loving someone for about 20 minutes. I haven't ever really thought about that before. What did you talk about in your marriage class? And did the professor give any articles/other reading related to the subject?

I miss running into you. I'll be in Provo for a few days in January; hopefully I'll be able to run into you then :)

emily snyder said...


i am always soo grateful when you add music updates - seeing as i only change or add what i am listening to when you do.

i vote work party. blast. what a pain. that soo stinks. did anyone of us get tickets for mo tab??

melimba said...

so, the songs will have to wait, b/c I have two sleeping kids. I am not going to even attempt listening until they wake up.

also, it's weird, b/c I totally FELL in love with someone, back in the day...

jk. just wanted to mess with you.

and, as far as the "situation" is concerned, you do both. I'd say, go to the work party first, b/c it's a smaller gathering, people are more likely to be there at the beginning and you can mix and mingle, meet the friends of friends, have a good time--- for a while.

Then, you go to the WARD party. See, no one goes to those at the beginning. Everyone knows the best time to arrive at a WARD function is the middle to the end. So, there you have it.

I'm always a fan of getting your cake and eating it too. Why not do both?

Respectfully yours,
melisssssssssssa (yes, spoken with a snake sound)

melimba said...

oh, and I think it's "having" your cake and eating it too?

i never know.


emily snyder said...

okay, shockingly, i support melissa's logic and plan for your life. and i think she is very weird that she decided to have her name pronounced with a snake sound. . . so weird. who does that??