brought to you by the letter "v"

Just realized something way important. Whenever I am in a weird mood, I resort back to my mother's idea of funny. She starts pretending like every word she says starts with the letter "v" and I totally do it. I was just singing the song "I got that joy joy joy joy down in my heart... WHERE?" and then I noticed that my roommates were tired of asking "where."

So I started walking slowly to my computer and said
I vuess I vill start vorking on my vebsite.

Thanks Denise. And Jessica Hische for the dropcap.


melimba said...

vhat vere you vinking?

you and mom ARE crazy.
good luck in your life.

poor poor roommates.

emily snyder said...

amen poor roommates - did you explain why you know and love lutheran children's songs??

that is so funny - i don't think i have consciously noticed that being mom's form of funny - so so true!!