our lovely apartment (Lauren Merkley's photo)

I so much love my roommates. Life is good when you have an awesome environment to come home to everyday. People that agree with you that we should recycle, and keep our apartment clean and have it smell nice and have clean carpet. We put up decorations and even Christmas lights lining the inside. I love living with them.

So, my roommate Sarah had a great idea for our ward Christmas party. We had to bring white elephant gifts so we decided to get some crazy frames from DI and put our own pictures in them. I thought it would be good to do our photos with a lovely soft focus and zoomed in on some big curls so we looked like the Olan Mills days. We did, it was great. Here they are.





melimba said...

um, it's lame that you didn't put up your picture too.

get on that.
i just got home and checked my reader. what do you know? you updated 6 minutes ago. AMAZING.

good on ya. great idea for the frames. darling pictures.

emily snyder said...

amen with miss - where is yours?? and i am dying to know if you went to the work party AND the ward?? i heard you took your lovely roommates home on sunday - fun!

melimba said...

hey, great new website. saw your additions.