You know you're lazy when...

You sleep on your couch because you are too out of it to go downstairs to your bed. 
Yes, I did wake up with back pain. 
If you or someone you love is dealing with back pain, may I highly recommend sleeping on your back. It is oh so hard to get used to, but I promise it is worth it. When I lived with my Japanese room-mate she always slept on her back and convinced me to as well and let me tell ya- the best night's sleep I have ever had. If you put a bag of rice on your head it also helps because then you know if you move, the rice will fall. Try it. Change your life. 

In other news, remember Taylor Swift?
When she first came out with that Tim McGraw song I wasn't a big fan because I felt like she was piggy-backing on Tim' fame or something. But little Lizbert got her new album for Christmas and I am just loving it. I even read her album intro and I was oh so close to having a tear.

She is quite deep. Her album is called "speak now" referencing in wedding ceremonies when they say "speak now or forever hold your peace." And each song is a different story in her life when she wanted to speak but she didn't or times she wished she had, or things she wished that people had spoken to her. I love that she writes all her own songs.

My new goal: Start thinking about music the same way I think about art. I pretty much love all art when I know the background. When you read an artist statement next to their piece and it gives so much more meaning than just their image. So from now before I make a hasty judgement I am going to read someone's album intro and try to understand their artistic purpose. Maybe I will even call it my new year's resolution.

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melimba said...

well, isn't that nice?

can't wait to listen to the new album. Taylor Swift is pretty darn talented.

dance parties here we come.