Laundry Inspiration

When I was in Jerusalem, I started to really like laundry. Maybe it is because I had so few clothes, maybe it is because they were always dirty, and maybe it is just because I liked singing in the long hallway between my room and the laundry room. Either way, it was good times.

Ever since then, laundry hasn't been much fun- mostly just a hassle. But all that changed.
Ok, not really.
But I do like it more since I moved to Dallas. And it is because I was inspired by a pin I saw on pinterest (thank you Reagan Brown Nelson).

I was intrigued by the picture because I wanted to know what it was. Then I read about it, realized it was a DIY project, and then went through my checklist of whether it was worth my time, energy, money, effort, etc. And it passed. 

So even though certain family members thought it wasn't my smartest move, I went to 3 different stores to find the ingredients to make my very own laundry detergent! 

You just grate a stick of Fels-Naptha Soap. (takes forever, but smells delicious)

Then add some borax and washing soda. 

Ta-da! I initially stored it in a tupperware, but then I splurged and bought this jar at ikea and it makes me happy every time I do laundry. If you want to read a review about it or get the step-by-step directions, here is the link


Buying Furniture

Sometimes when you move into a new apartment you have to buy furniture. This concept was totally new to me a few weeks ago. But, I rose to the occasion and bought some things. It was less stressful than I thought it would be, and way more satisfying than I ever would have hoped.

I was lucky enough to find an ad on Craigslist put up by an architect. Awesome, right?! I just love saying that I bought furniture from an architect. He had a couch I wanted to look at, but when I got to his house I fell in love with his table, so alas I made a deal and got both!

I was also lucky enough to have a really nice sister and brother-in-law who not only let me borrow the van, but also removed the seats for me so I could have a big space to move things around. Big shout out to the Woods! And while we are doing shout-outs, I would also like to thank my roommate for coming with me (more on her later) and the awesome boys in my ward who carried my couch up our stairs and around the corner (no easy task!).

With no further adieu, may I present my first couch:

I love that it is long. I love that is has real lines and it is comfy but looks modern. And I love love the little weave pattern. 

My roommate, Stephanie loves it too. And I bet my mom is going to love my Christmas postcard collage. She sent me these and they are pretty much our only Christmas decorations. 

p.s. We rented a carpet cleaner and shampooed the couch 4 times before we sat on it. So don't be grossed out? Ok? Ok. 

Now to the table! I am pretty sure the previous owner bought this beauty at IKEA. Actually I know he did, because I saw it at the store and in the catalog. But everything is still in great condition! 

Pardon all the things on our table. We were hosting a church activity so my roommate had made tons and tons of cookies so we had to make an adorable presentation. 

I really like the spot where we put the table because I can eat breakfast with the sun creeping over the next building over and the sun kind of gets in my eyes while I eat my Frosted Mini Wheats. 
And I like that. 

Thank you Dallas Craigslist and thank you helpers! 


My Brother, the Model

Remember how my brother is a model?! I do. 

So I realized that I mention my sisters in the blogosphere fairly often, but I have other siblings too. 
And yes, I am related to a model. 

Let me tell you some more about my brother Jesse. 
He is super funny. His hair is better than mine. 
He speaks Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese fluently. 
So of course he lives in China... duh. 

When he isn't modeling, he is doing awesome stuff all over Asia with Zuriick shoes - only the coolest and trendiest shoes in the art department at BYU and every other place that is cool.

And when he is not doing that, you might find him working on visual displays for a little company called Converse. Awesome, right?

Or maybe you might find him setting up stores for Australian designers.  

But right now, it is easiest to see him here on my blog from the scanned magazine spreads I made from the magazine Modern Weekly. They did a feature on Prada so he is wearing all Prada clothing. I don't think I've even touched anything with the name Prada. He has. 

Well let the countdown begin! I am picking him up from the airport in a week and one day. He is making the long trek from Shanghai to Dallas, TX. My whole family is going to be in Dallas for Christmas. How wonderful! Go team!


Living Arrangements

One reason I wanted to move to Texas is because I thought it was always warm. Turns out, I was wrong.

Today it was 35ยบ all day.

It wouldn't have been so terrible, but then there was a fire in my building and we had to evacuate. Meaning we spent a good while outside watching the fire trucks and the helicopters swarm around. I think it turned out to be ok because the firefighters weren't moving very quickly.
I digress. My point is that Texas is really hot and really cold.

But it's ok. I love where I live. And it's so cute that it doesn't matter if it is hot or cold or just right.

Lastly, I have been discussing a couple controversial topics today. 

#1 Skinny jeans are banned at BYU-Idaho. Interesting. Here are the details. 

#2 The Standard of Liberty Foundation. Here is their opinion about how BYU handles same gender attraction. 



Dearest loved ones, friends, fellow bloggers, and random people who happened to click on my blog link from one of my sister's posts, and also the wandering folk who have clicked on a series of links who may happen to come to my blog, and even those who searched for something in google and randomly had my blog appear in the search results...

I love you all. 

Let me explain. I moved to Dallas two weeks ago. I have not had internet access at my new apartment, but if all goes well I will finally get it today. Without going into specifics it's been quite the complication to have internet installed.

I have heard many people say that the times they were separated from the internet felt liberating. They may have accomplished several other tasks they had not been focused on, written in their journals, pondered on the meaning of life, explored their neighborhood, expanded their interests, made new friends, etc. 

I have done all those things, and it has indeed been rewarding, but I wouldn't use the term liberating. You see, I really like the internet. I used to be scared of it, thinking if I spent too much time on it then I would be a lame person, socially awkward, and probably a gamer. 

But I love the internet because of the connections I form and the knowledge I can gain / have gained. 

So on this post Thanksgiving weekend, I would like the internet to know why I am grateful for the internet. 

I landed a job. 
Not through career fairs or networking or the church employment specialist. But by posting my resume and portfolio information on different websites, sending a lot of emails and filling out many digital forms.  

I had experience to help me land a job. 
Because of my interest in the web, I now have a job designing and coding for the internet. By taking classes and doing an internship all about web communications I expanded my portfolio and had meaningful experiences that led me to a career path. 

I can keep in touch with all the people I've ever met (if I want to).
There are many ways to do this. Here are my choice favorites.
Blogs are fabulous. 
I can hear about what is going on with my friends or even friends of my friends. I can find out facts about them and interesting stories just by visiting a URL. And I can do all of this on my time. No, nothing beats a phone call or an update, but let's be honest- it's a little awkward to call up someone you haven't seen in years. But with a blog we can reconnect. I can hear about their life and even comment and interact with them in just a few short lines. I can still be some part of their life even when we are miles apart or just in different phases of life. 
I have many married friends who I love and used to love spending time with. But when they start a family, it is difficult to communicate as often. We spend our time differently and it can be difficult to converse frequently because of the change in lifestyle. But I still love them, I want to hear about their day, their struggles and triumphs. So when they share on their blogs and I comment, we reconnect and have the opportunity to share again even when our lives are so different. A blog gives me access to their life without having to be consistently involved. 

Facebook is amazing. 
In college, I created a MySpace account and tried to understand it. Then Steven Shelley wrote on my MySpace profile and said, "Snyder. One word: facebook." So I went and checked it out. The first time I went to the site I was so excited about the white background. It felt so clean and wholesome. This was before I knew anything about graphic design and user interface design, but I knew I had landed on a good thing. 
It's been six years and I haven't opened my MySpace account. I love Facebook and I love that so many other people love it too. I won't go into too much detail because I already wrote my ode to Facebook last year when Mark Zuckerberg spoke at BYU. But I love to see people's pictures and the fun things they are doing. I like when they share interesting links or funny status updates. I like when I find my 3rd grade teacher and become her friend. I like being in the know when past roommates get engaged or when people want my address for their wedding announcement. It is a great tool to reconnect- not for networking, not for business ventures, not for commercial advertising, but just for people. A lot of people like to have the inside scoop on celebrities: what they wore, who they are marrying or divorcing, where they were spotted, what they're doing this weekend, etc. There is a whole slew of people focused on getting celebrity information to the masses. But most of us really don't care about Jennifer Aniston. But we do care about the people we have spent time with or the boy who grew up around the corner or that one girl who was really nice to you when you were in a new location for a short while. Facebook gives us the contact information and ability to connect or reconnect with people I have met from all walks of life. Awesome!

Twitter is pretty neat. 
I like twitter because it feels like Facebook, but I can "connect" with people in many different industries who are unattainable. You can follow Justin Bieber if you want and hear about his day from him rather than his tabloids. But you also have the option of following any public figure that you like. You can read about quick updates about your industry or get links to interesting things from interesting people that you have never met. This year I learned via twitter: Osama Bin Laden died, BYU published a student review, Adobe purchased TypeKit, and coupon deals. 

I could spend hours on Linked In. 
I know that most people use Linked In for networking, but I just like to read people's resumes. It is fascinating to become linked with someone whos career profession I know absolutely nothing about. I have linked with previous bishops and people in my ward who had a very specific role in my life. But on Linked In, I can read about what they really do all day, how they got there, what companies they've worked for, what they studied in school. It is really motivating to see that most people have had a variety of jobs and many different work experiences that have been catered to make them reach a certain point of productivity. They have had rich experiences that have guided them to what they are doing now. 

The internet provides entertainment. 
Being the frugal woman I am, I don't see myself buying a TV or cable access anytime soon. Thus I am grateful for Hulu and the ability to watch Modern Family, clips from the Today Show, documentaries, the Sing-Off, and explore other things on TV without having the commitment of a full hour with commercials. Plus it is free. So cool.

Youtube is really special. 
I mostly appreciate it when I have a song in my head and I want to listen to it rather than buy it. It boggles my mind how people will just put up random stuff. Someone took the time to track down the intro of Bobby's World and put it up online so that we can all enjoy it. 

Netflix is fun too. 
Instant play is golden. It is like having a Blockbuster in your living room. Too bad it is so expensive now, but hey it was good while it lasted. 

Vimeo provides the latest and greatest in sweet short videos. 
I think motion graphics are awesome and I think film is a very inspiring medium and thus I really appreciate all the goodness on vimeo because only the content creators are posting the work. It is a fabulous little corner of the web. 

Email is the best thing. 
I love email, most specifically gmail. I love getting messages because I can label them and respond in an organized manner. I can type out my words and slowly think about them. I can add pictures and links and big documents. I can pass on information and keep it all in a tidy conversation list. I can send a quick note without having to use my thumbs on an itty bitty phone dial. I love email. 

My list could go on. And it does in my head, but mostly in my browser history and cache. I didn't even expound on wikipedia and TED talks. It just amazes me that so many people contribute to this big collection of information. Yes, some of it is rotten and yeah some people are just sick or want your money. But so much of it is good. People write on forums and answer each other's questions. So many people post tutorials and want to help you be successful. And the craziest thing is that all of these tools, programs, streams, browsers, are most usually free. 

So even though some people think the internet is lame and that my generation spend too much time on it, I love it. I have had an email account since the 5th grade. It is a big part of who I am, how I learn, and how I connect. And this year, I am mighty grateful for the collection of inter-networks we call the world wide web. Happy Thanksgiving! 



I woke up this morning feeling pretty sad that today is the day before I move. Meaning, the last of my Alpine days. Not really, because who knows- I may end up living here the rest of my life. And even if I don't, I will always come back multiple times a year.

But this is the end of an era for me.

My mom and I have been rushing to get things done all week and I keep feeling really emotional. This scene from the final episode of Gilmore Girls keeps running through my head.

Last night as I was making my final drive from BYU to my house, I kept thinking, "What am I doing?" I had a super fun night with my friends, I ran into 2 other great friends- one from high school and one from Jerusalem. I navigated through Provo so effortlessly and stopped at my favorite cupcake place. I came home to a warm house and had a nice chat with my mom and planned out the delicious meals we would be making today. All this week I kept running into great people I've known for a long time or given people the update. It is just so fun seeing so many people that know me and my family. It's just so easy.

But I'd like to remind myself that I am ready for this adventure. I keep thinking of this quote that my sister turned into a great print for her shop:

I knew I liked this quote. But I loved it a lot more after Elder Costa gave a devotional at BYU last year with this quote as his thesis. He spoke about getting out of your comfort zone, choosing a career, and moving forward with your life- even when it feels uncomfortable.

Turns out, BYU devotionals are really worth it when you make time for them. Probably wouldn't be moving to Texas right now if it weren't for that one.


If You're Gonna Play in Texas...

My parents love the band Alabama, and I grew up singing these lyrics. Well team, I've had them stuck in my head all week. Why? I'm deciding whether or not to pack my violin because...


Not just to sit around and play with my niece and nephew at the park, or to watch the Sing-Off with Aaron and Melissa, but to work at a real job, at a real office, doing real work!

 I have often heard the phrase, "when it rains, it pours." Usually it is Sarah Jane referring to my dating life because I will go a long time without having a date and then one week, I will have 2 or 3. Crazy! Well that is how the job hunt in Texas has been. I had several interviews, usually 5 or 6 a week on the phone or in person, but in general it was fairly slow. All summer, I have just been hoping and waiting for something really awesome. Then last week, I had 3 interviews in one day with 2 job offers, and then I had to decline invitations for 3 interviews the next week. I am really glad I had all those interviews because I got to meet so many interesting people along the way and learn about all the creative ways people make money.

But luckily, I got the dream job. This was seriously the job that I wanted more than any of the other interviews or job descriptions or companies I heard about. A recruiter found my resume on monster and got me an interview with Click Here, the interactive and digital agency for The Richards Group advertising agency. The interview went great and they offered me a position the next day to design and build websites. A dream come true!

Turns out, it is kind of hard to find a place to live and pack everything up in a week, but luckily my mom is awesome. She has already printed our maps and itinerary and most importantly, she is going to join me for the long drive from Utah to Texas. Best mom ever, right?

So if any of y'all out there have great packing tips or ideas of how to fit everything I have accumulated in my life into a mini car, give me a holler!

Lonestar state, here I come!


Virtual Personality

It took me awhile to get onto the TED talks bandwagon, but now that I am riding- I really like this site. I watched this video about a week ago:

You can watch it. But you don't have to, obviously. Ever since I watched it, I have been thinking a lot about the idea of virtual personalities. 
The speaker, Adam Ostrow, defines your virtual personality as this cloud that stores your facebook status updates, the connections you make on twitter, the comments you leave on a blog, etc. Your social media presence becomes your virtual personality. 

In this TED talk, he mentions a program called "My Next Tweet." It can scan your status updates or your tweets, and it can predict others things you might say based on your past content. Fascinating and weird. But his whole point is that we are creating a digital archive of our self.

I heard about someone in the news who recently died. She went to BYU, so I looked her up and saw her facebook profile. I couldn't see much of the details, but it is so odd to think that facebook could be this human collection project. Will our profiles ever be deleted if no one else knows the password? 
Well, I asked google the question and got a link to this article in TIME magazine. Apparently, facebook "memorializes" the profile and it can only be accessed by friends and family, but nothing can be changed or updated. Also, you can not access the page from search results. But I don't know if I want my profile to be memorialized. 

I don't know if I would really want my virtual personality to be saved until the end of the internet. 
Case in point...

The bulk of the people that I actually interact with in life are different from the people I interact with on the web. There are a select few who I spend time with in person and online. 
It is always so interesting to see how someone's virtual personality differs from their human personality. I can think of one friend in particular who is fairly quiet. It's taken me years to really get to know her because she is so shy. But on her blog, I hear about all these crazy things she does and the way she describes them is so so different than if you were having a real conversation with her. She is much more expressive (and perhaps at ease) in her virtual environment. 
The more I think about it, I can think of many examples of people who seem to have such a different virtual persona than they are in real life. Sometimes I read blog posts of my friends and think, wow is that really the person I know? Have they changed or are they just different online? Or maybe this is just a side of them that I have never seen. 

My point. I think my personality in real life is similar to but not identical to my virtual personality. I still don't know how to indicate if I am typing a comment that is meant to be sarcastic. I use plenty of exclamation points because I don't know how else to indicate that I am happy or smiling. I am used to showing a lot of enthusiasm when I talk to people, but you can't really do that without knowing the best ways to use punctuation. I am also a typography nut. I own hundreds of fonts and I will analyze them for far too long when I am working on a project. But I never use any type variation online or in an email. 

So if I am collecting this digital archived collection of "who I am" then I don't really know if I want my virtual self to be "who I am." As of now, I would prefer to have my journals and my sketchbooks saved much more than my blog posts. 

But the internet isn't going anywhere, and I may spill water on my journal. The ink isn't going to last. Things could burn or be lost in some natural disaster. So I wonder if emergency preparedness could be about preserving stuff or thoughts just as much as preparing food and having an escape route. 

I know that every time someone's hard-drive crashes, I always hope that they are internet savvy so that they won't really lose everything. Now days, if you have picasa or flickr, or if you are one of those people who uploads every photo you take on facebook, then you don't really need a back-up hard drive. And if you have pinterest, you have inspirational images and quotes that you love. If you have your life synced up using google calendar, then you don't really need iCal or all of that other stuff. 

And think about how cool it will be, 40 years from now. I was thinking about my little adorable niece today. I was picturing her as a mom and trying to remember what year it was when she took a certain vacation. She will be able to pull up her mom's blog and be able to quickly browse through the archive and blog titles and she can know exactly what dates they were gone, where they went, and what they did because her mom keeps it all updated. She is going to have a crazy awesome record of her personal history. 

I don't really have a main point or a way to end this. Except to say that I love not being in school anymore. Of couse I loved loved school, but it's also really great to be able to learn whatever you want to learn. 

And just as an update, I still am here in good 'ol Texas looking for jobs. Luckily I have had tons and tons of interviews, but I am still holding out for a full-time offer. I'm grateful that I have had plenty of free-lance projects, melimba orders, a really nice sister and brother-in-law, and 2 adorable toddlers who love to pop bubbles just as quickly as I can blow them. We have also been enjoying some delicious artisan breads, home-made lasagna, roast beef sandwiches with aujus, pumpkin muffins, home-made sweet and sour chicken, and tons of chocolate chip cookies. Yep, I think I have literally gained 10 lbs since I have been here. I have another job fair this week, so if ya'll could twist your fingers in my behalf, that would be great! 


Do You Know Her?

She feels like a friend, but I don't know her. But I see her quite often in all my favorite catalogs. 

I'm talking: J.Crew, LL Bean, Anthropologie, Boden, J Jill, and Garnet Hill. 
These images all come from Garnet Hill

 As my sister and I were sharing our memories of this model, Melissa pointed out that Boden catalog is the best because they share info about their models. After a page-by-page search, I found out her name is Edda and a lot of other random fun details.

Such as she loves to be asked over for dinner. She is from Iceland. 
If you are like me and vaguely interested in the model that all your favorite 
clothing stores like, here is her NY Magazine profile

p.s. May I recommend my sister's latest blog post  for some lovely photos of a New England fall? 
Love those Cinderella pumpkins on shelves. The visual designer must be a rockin' human being. 



You've seen all the crazy changes. Now there is a big one coming. Your profile will look dramatically different soon enough.

THE TIMELINE. check it out.

Pinterest meets MySpace meets Facebook. Interesting.

Another song, mostly for me to have a quick reference without having to look something up.
Lisa Hannigan, I Don't Know

and another.

Eisley, Trolleywood.


Lil' Fishes

Remember that line on "He's Just Not That Into You" when Drew Barymore says that now days we don't get haircuts when we want a change, we just switch our profile picture... etc.

I think about that line all the time.

Especially tonight after I added my little fishies to the side of my blog. I got way too much satisfaction from embedding a gadget onto a web log. But... aren't they cute?!

They are from this site.

In other news, I am in Tejas... which is espanol for Texas. I thought it would be super hot, turns out it is just rainy- which is great news for the fires and the drought.

I am living with my sister's little family and hopefully I will find a rockin' job... and a cowboy.

Once I get settled in a place to live I am going to buy some fish. When I was in high school, two dear friends (thank you Emily Stevens and Becca Paul) gave me a betta fish in high school. It was the best! I named her Coral and she lived for years. Multiple years. On her final days, she was slowing down. My mom put a little sprite in her bowl and she perked right up... and then she died.

But Coral the Second will be in my life soon enough. Until then, please help me enjoy the new lil' fishes on my sidebar.



I posted this couple months ago, but then I felt bad about what I said about facebook, so I took it off. But then I remembered oh yeah this is my blog/my personal soapbox. So here it is.

Not that anyone cares, but I have a few thoughts about Pinterest.

My sister Emily loves loves this site and raves about it to everyone she knows, but she may disagree with some of my next statements. My apologies in advance.

AGAINST pinterest:
-you can only be "inspired" for so long, I would rather be making the things than just looking at them
-it is image overload, blogs give you the images and some words to think about
-most things seem to be "repinned" meaning one image goes through a bunch of people but it isn't very fresh content because it is just going through the rounds for everyone to see it
-people don't come up with their own unique and custom captions for the images

FOR pinterest:
-love being able to save an image without have it bog down my hard-drive. 
-love the validation I get when someone else likes my pin, especially if I found it and didn't just repin something
-like being able to find people with similar styles to me 
-love being able to categorize fun things I see with immediate links

Not that it has anything to do with this, but while I am thinking about my opinions of social media...
Why do people who are in relationships feel like they need to express their affection to the significant other via facebook? Maybe it is just because August is a popular month to get married, but I have seen so so many status updates of girls wishing their husbands happy anniversary and how much they love each other.
Love is great, I fully support love. But I always think, hm if you really love this person a lot, you most likely know where they live, you possibly have their phone number, and you might even see them today or tomorrow. Maybe those options might be better for your personal expression of love rather than on a public website... just a suggestion. 
Am I alone in this opinion? 


Seeing the Everyday

Well I finished my internship a bit ago, but I wanted to post about it. 

delicious farewell lunch

let's get a closer view: spaghetti squash with Jarick's homemade tomato sauce and freshly shaved parmesan

I learned a lot about the bus, but much much more about how wonderful this magazine truly is.
One thing we accomplished in the short 4 week time period was a new website!

The old site was beautiful, but not quite as user-friendly as it could be. So we did a re-haul, came up with additional content and then designed and built something entirely new.

Let's talk about the new look:

We used photos for the background of every page on the site. This welcome page has a shot of the spreads from the last issue in the studio. We used transparencies behind the text so you can still "see" the images.

(top) We added more options for and details about submissions. (below) My new favorite page has a list of nice things that bloggers and writers have said about the magazine.

I also love the history page. Because this magazine is so unique, it is nice to understand the background and how many people have contributed to make Seeing the Everyday what it is now.

We really wanted to incorporate images of the actual magazine into the design. If you have ever read Seeing the Everyday you know how beautiful the colors, design, photography, and even paper quality combine to make your experience meaningful. We wanted to capture some of that feeling you have while reading the magazine.

I got to be in Cambridge in the final days before the summer issue was sent to press. It was so fun to print out all the spreads, analyze the cover colors and get to fine-tune the small details as it was sent to print. It was fun to be part of the production process, and then see the result in my own home. 

sprinkler spread in the summer 2011 issue

Fast forward a month later when I am at home back in Alpine. I went and got the mail while my mom and I were eating lunch. I saw the magazine in the mailbox.
I came in and said, "Mom! Special delivery for you!"
She ran, literally ran to the front door while yelling, "Is it my Seeing magazine?!"

We sat on the couch as she looked slowly at each page. She started to cry just looking at the spreads. She hadn't even read the stories yet! But she knew they would be good.

When we got to the final page and we saw my name as part of the team and I was pretty satisfied that I get to be part of something so neat. A project like this that can bring so many positive emotions must be a good thing!

My internship was a fabulous experience for me. I had friends all over the country doing internships this summer. I would hear about some of their projects that they got to take part of or the errands they ran for the people doing the bigger projects. I am so so grateful that the good people at Seeing the Everyday gave me full reign to offer suggestions and then even build my suggestions! They were so nice to give me this great experience.

You can see the site here at seeingtheveryday.com. If you see something that is not working or a broken link, etc. please let me know!


Who else is loving the new google accounts interface?!
I certainly am.

Along with this song:


Pillow Mints

All humans should love after dinner mints.




I am the queen of "no flash." I really hate it. I don't have a basic point and shoot, so anytime I am taking photos, it seems to be serious business. And I hate, hate bright glare and photos where you can totally tell the flash had fun.  

Usually, I just take a lot of pictures and end up having to delete half of them. But there is now another option. Jessica Hische has done it again. She customized a tumblr site that is all about collecting blurry pictures you took of your friends. These top two, I did try to make blurry. But they are the exception, not the rule. (He's Just Not That Into You)

Adorable baby Matilda. 



I have a few friends who just barely started their first year of teaching. As I have talked with them about decorations, lesson plans, and discipline I kept thinking of how hard it must be. When you graduate from college you don't realize how much you wouldn't know if you hadn't gone to school.
For example, Sarah Jane and I were discussing the bulletin board where she wanted to have a calendar.
I said, "Well what else are you going to put up here?... like the schedule for each day?... lesson plans?"
She said, "No Becca, I need them to see the numbers so they can learn how to tell what day it is." I forgot that someone had to teach me that. It wasn't just innate. And the more I keep thinking about all those little things I did in elementary school, I am really grateful for all my teachers.

Sarah Jane is teaching 2nd grade. Here she is in her new classroom: 

little owls have each kids name

a natural touch. 

 posing with the owl I made for her bulletin board. 

That is a photo of Sarah when she was in 2nd grade! 

bouquet of newly sharpened pencils

the classroom library all organized and categorized!

While I am feeling all schoolish nostalgia (probably because it is the first week of BYU and I am not there) I am going to commentate my graduation excitement. I also want to pass on some wisdom to my friends who will be future graduates.

#1 Don't buy the robe. You can't rent them anymore, which I think is a little odd. They didn't measure me or ask my height or anything so I'm pretty sure I own the one and only size. Borrow it from me, don't buy it.

#2 As cheesy as it might look, bobby pin your cap to your hair. Maybe I have an unusually small head, but I was battling that cap all the day. It always slid off and at some point I just had to embrace it and pretend like I was going for the "side-cap" look.

#3 Figure out which friends are graduating the same semester as you. Find them to sit by, it will make everything so much better!
Exhibit A: I sat with my darling friends Lauren (left) and Paige (right). I was lucky enough to be in Paige's ward for a year and then she ended up living in my room when I moved out. And I worked with the lovely Lauren for the past year on campus.

Lauren, me, Paige... and the Y!

Dad and I

Freshman reunion in our caps and gowns! Lauren, me, Madeline

asking my mom for my diploma back, oh wait. they only gave us the holding case. 

graduation day in the HFAC 

Giving up on the cap

I spent so so many hours in this wing of the HFAC.
I thought I should have one final stroll, while sporting the cap and gown. 

Pretending to look like a scholar. Oops, I don't think scholars wear robes or flowers these days. 

I wanted a picture with the JKB, I worked there for over a year!
note: this picture was not taken with a holga, but the sky looks sweet.
Melis, me, Lizbert. Loyal supporters. 
These girls patiently sat through my graduation while doodling in their sketchbooks. Lizzy actually took lots of notes. Why? Because one of the speakers kept comparing knowledge to food and saying how delicious it had been to be at BYU...

Grandma Johnson & I with sprinkled Y flags

I am so happy I graduated.

This morning I listened to NPR reporters talk about the low graduation rates for women in Utah. It finally sunk in that I had finished. I graduated from a university. I know that everyone has different circumstances and not everyone is able to have a chance to go to college. I know just how lucky I have been. I tried to thank those who have helped me along the way, but if I missed you- just know that I so glad to have met so many fabulous people and been taught by so many during my BYU experience.
I am so happy that I get to have a bachelor's degree.
Go Cougs!