The Bookstore

I already told this to the bulk of my blog readers: my sister and my roommates. But I just feel like it must be shared on cyberspace!

Today at the bookstore I bought an awesome Charley Harper calendar. The above image is on my wall as we speak (isn't is just darling?). So I am waiting at the register, the one by the magazines on the west side. As I approach the check-out line and the lady scans my calendar, I gave her my form of payment.
 I said, "This is one of those Visa gift cards and sometimes it doesn't work so just a warning... it may only have some left..."
Then the girl who is behind me in line says, "Oh that's fun is it a wedding gift or something?"
I immediately start laughing and said, "No, I wish."

Time out.
No, I wish? Seriously?! Did I really need to say that to the girl at the check-out. It was like a reflex. I wasn't even thinking. It just came out lightening fast. I felt like I was on Gilmore Girls, that's how fast this dialogue was going.
So then I continue, feeling awkward. "Actually it is from my boss."
Girl in line: "Oh that is really cool. You have a great boss."
Me: "Thank you."
And I walk away.

Thank you?! It's almost like she was trying to be excited for me that even though I wasn't married, I certainly had a cool boss. And I thanked her for it? So odd. After I walked about 3 steps away, I replayed the conversation in my head and had a good laugh. My sister said, "Well I guess we know what you really want." I felt like I was that witness at the end of Legally Blonde when they are asking questions rapid-fire. Too funny!

Love Anne Taintor


Jana said...

hahaha, becca, i love you dearly.

Nicole and Garrett said...

oh that made me giggle. hahaha, that does remind me of Legally Blonde! I hope you never commit a murder :)

Brittany said...


one time i bought nail polish remover and orange juice from the twilight zone and they cashier said, "don't mix them up!" i died.