It is 6:55 am, I just woke up. I have some work to do but I have to document something.

Here they are deciphering stuff. I chose this picture because I just love Ellen Page, and her outfit. 
So I saw Inception over Christmas break. It was all that I expected: crazy, mind blowing, etc. And ever since then, I can't stop thinking about my dreams. A couple days ago I woke up and remembered 3 dreams rather vividly and I couldn't help but wonder "did someone lead me to those other dreams?"

That is the background, this is the foreground.
Last night I had a rather crazy dream. I was with my roommate Charlotte and my friend Kelli (who is currently in the MTC- go missionaries!) and we had just arrived at the Conference Center. We were on the very right hand side on the terrace level. As we were walking down to our seats, I said to Charlotte, "Where is Sarah (another of our roommates)?"
She said,"Oh she was hoping to come but turns out she has dance practice at 10 am, and you know how her teacher is."
So it was just the 3 of us there to watch the young women's general broadcast at 10 am. As we're waiting for it to begin, I notice my dad sitting on the stand next to Pres. Eyring. For some reason I was fairly calm and collected.
Charlotte said, "Isn't that your dad?"
"Of course it is. He always wears a green dress shirt under his suit."  (For the record, this is not true.)
I also noticed that his tie was really loose. Like way too loose. As in, the knot was nowhere near his neck.
Then I started to get concerned.
But, then when the broadcast was supposed to start (you know they do the little minute countdown) suddenly President Eyring started to play some musical instrument. Then somehow my dad pulled out what looked like a cornet, some other guy on the stand had a trumpet, and another had a trombone.  They started dancing and playing their instruments all over the stand.
Needless to say, the crowd went wild.
At first I didn't know if I ought to join in, clapping and hollering in the Conference Center?... totes inappropriate. But after I saw Sis. Beck cheering (she was the YW president) then I felt ok to cheer. Suddenly, my lil' sister Lizzy replaced Charlotte and Kelli and they were nowhere to be found. But Liz and I ran to the front to cheer on our dad.
When he saw that we were coming up, he left the stage (in the middle of the song) and comes from the back-stage with multiple boxes of flowers. He puts them up by the other guys and they start tossing them towards the crowd. (For the record, the audience shrunk to more of a de Jong concert hall size rather than the Conference Center-- I know, quite the transformation right.)
So my dad starts throwing the flowers to us, and a bunch of the young women from our ward were suddenly surrounding us. Some of the flowers were lovely. But some were lettuce leaves with that terrible flower dye. Ya know how Memorial day arrangements have those white carnations that are sprayed that very unnatural blue. That's what we were dealing with here.
I don't know if they figured hey, some people in the distance will just see the colors and the lettuce and assume they are flowers... it was interesting.
So then Lizzy and I were like, dad come sit next to us so you can watch the rest of the broadcast.
But we had driven separate cars so he could keep his performance secret from us, so he decided to drive home and beat the traffic.

Cuhrazy right! When I first woke up, I had no idea why I had that dream. But now as I type it all out, I am sure the biggest influence was watching music man with the family last night (Dad's choice).


Also, I am sure it helps that I saw Sis. Beck on the stand when Condoleezza Rice spoke at BYU the other day (I'll save those details for another post. She deserves her own, because it was one of the most enlightening and motivating meetings of my life.)

Sarah Jane's photo at Kelli's farewell. (She is on the far left)
I am sure it helps that I am having withdrawals from my dear friend Kelli who recently left on her mission. And I think the Sarah and Charlotte situation may have been because all of my roommates have been out of town this weekend, so I came home and was with Lizzy...  (Sorry Shayna, maybe you'll be in my next dream!)
But I can't explain the setting. 
Conclusion: Dreams are powerful and quite creative. 


melimba said...

i can't believe i just read your entire dream.
and the fact that dad had on a GREEN dress shirt? loose? throwing flowers? That is not our dad. :)

But, it is amazing how they do tend to take their form from our lives.

I love that Dad requested HIS musical to watch. How was that experience?

Also, I think you meant to say that Kelli is on the far LEFT, not right? True?

A Mitton said...

Great dream, great photo.

Although I'm slightly suspicious you chose it because you look like Ellen Page. (Both of you always have excellent clothing, you know.)

kars and linz said...

I had the most random dream about you the other day Becca!!!

We were back at the science fair... but instead of doing vegetable dye we were dying baby food bright pink and blue. Our objective was to make #2's not brown! SO RANDOM!!!

It was nice seeing you over Christmas!

emily snyder said...

crazy crazy crazy!

i have thought about dreams lots too since inception. and want to watch it again.

i think it's so funny that dad chose the movie and that he was such a massive part of your dream.

love that sister beck made an appearance too! :)