Thinking of the Middle East Today

and this cupcake

Better Than Whatever Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe
oh and this: 
ZUMBA tonight! 


A Mitton said...

Have you been following the news updates about Egypt? I've become totally sucked in. And I saw this article today that I thought was particularly interesting as well:


melimba said...

wow. that seems like it was SO long ago---but really, it wasn't too long ago at all.

please rid yourself of that floppy wirey hat. asap.

also, "better than anything" cupcake?
looks really great. I'll take two. Please send asap.

I'd like to see more from the zumba shoot too. Also, I thought that was SJ, but then realized, Nope, it's her sister. They look so much alike.

love you.
start emailing more. b/c then you can help carry RS weight. :)

Heather said...

Becca--I don't know what it is about today but Ali and I were both crying about missing Jerusalem today too....glad to know it wasn't just us.

emily snyder said...

love that i haven't seen those Jerusalem pictures yet. someday you should take us on a tour.

Mikael Squire said...

Missing Jerusalem too! And missing you! And is there anything better than Cocoa Bean cupcakes and Zumba with Sarah Janes sister? I think not