the adorable Calvin Wood

I haven't heard anyone use the word "senioritis" since high school... probably because there are so many of us seniors here at college. But let me tell ya, it is alive and well in the soul of Becca. My darling lil' nephew Cal illustrates what I can't wait to do after I graduate!

My public apologies to his mother for taking this photo from her site the same day she published it.


Hot Air Balloon!

Emily Snyder: this is for you:
I got to go on a hot air balloon ride on Saturday and it was cuhrazy awesome. The Barney's have friends who own the Bank of American Fork balloons (including the pig!) so they were going to take people on rides. Danny and I got to go at the beginning, but then the wind picked up so he landed and no one else got to go. I feel pretty bad that we "hogged" all the time, but it was really wonderfully wonderful. Here is a little picture of the descent.

Speaking of balloons, National Geographic is doing something pretty awesome. Check it out.


BFF= engaged

It is old news now, but my roommate and dearest friend of the past two years is engaged! It is so interesting to have observed the entire process. I have never been this close to someone to watch the initiation of the dating process and all the ups and downs of the 2 years. And it has been beautiful to observe Jacob and Sarah Jane come together and handle their differences, but always come back together. I have been grateful for Jacob's handiness as the apartment boyfriend- fixing handles, taking out the trash, moving things, etc. They are perfect together! And I am so honored I got to know about the proposal before it happened and I even got to lie to Sarah Jane to help the process! Here they are after their proposal hike:

had to have the classics

the happy Becca

lovely flowers he surprised her with 
hen Sarah Pugmire (roommate) came from the BYU basketball game and I just had to save that. Lookin' good Pugmire!

Turns out moving pictures around is harder than it looks, my apologies.


St. George!

So the family had a fun time in St. George a few weekends ago. We went down to celebrate President's Day and it was wonderful and lovely. Too much good food to be had!
 On the crew we had




me (with a picture by Sarah Jane)

and oh looky there- Danny Barney came too!

So I may or may not have a boyfriend. Ok I do. Isn't he cute?! Oh man I am sounding like TAMN from the seriously so blessed blog. Anyway, he came with us to St. George and we had some good times in Hurricane, Snow Canyon, St. George temple, and Cedar City. We went repelling in Snow Canyon with the Barney clan and my dad caught some pretty sweet shots. 

Some more of the crew

My first time repelling!

I feel like I am playing hide and seek in this one.

you can't tell but we're balancing on the fence post, we don't always just stand like that and Lizzy is not a giant. 

the moms working the ropes

Liz and Mary Alice

Danny and Emma being oh so brave, going down backwards!

The girls
The couple :)