BFF= engaged

It is old news now, but my roommate and dearest friend of the past two years is engaged! It is so interesting to have observed the entire process. I have never been this close to someone to watch the initiation of the dating process and all the ups and downs of the 2 years. And it has been beautiful to observe Jacob and Sarah Jane come together and handle their differences, but always come back together. I have been grateful for Jacob's handiness as the apartment boyfriend- fixing handles, taking out the trash, moving things, etc. They are perfect together! And I am so honored I got to know about the proposal before it happened and I even got to lie to Sarah Jane to help the process! Here they are after their proposal hike:

had to have the classics

the happy Becca

lovely flowers he surprised her with 
hen Sarah Pugmire (roommate) came from the BYU basketball game and I just had to save that. Lookin' good Pugmire!

Turns out moving pictures around is harder than it looks, my apologies.


emily snyder said...

hip hip hooray!! love love the photos! love the engaged couple. love that you got to lie to sarah jane - haha! love sarah pugmire in all her byu glory!

love you!!

A Mitton said...

Yay, I'm so happy this finally happened. I love SJ and Jacob. Great pictures Becca.

SJ said...

Sad that this has taken me a month to find. Man, Have I ever heard of the internet? Eventhough these photos don't capture us at our best...to say the least, they are treasures. Thank you Becca.