St. George!

So the family had a fun time in St. George a few weekends ago. We went down to celebrate President's Day and it was wonderful and lovely. Too much good food to be had!
 On the crew we had




me (with a picture by Sarah Jane)

and oh looky there- Danny Barney came too!

So I may or may not have a boyfriend. Ok I do. Isn't he cute?! Oh man I am sounding like TAMN from the seriously so blessed blog. Anyway, he came with us to St. George and we had some good times in Hurricane, Snow Canyon, St. George temple, and Cedar City. We went repelling in Snow Canyon with the Barney clan and my dad caught some pretty sweet shots. 

Some more of the crew

My first time repelling!

I feel like I am playing hide and seek in this one.

you can't tell but we're balancing on the fence post, we don't always just stand like that and Lizzy is not a giant. 

the moms working the ropes

Liz and Mary Alice

Danny and Emma being oh so brave, going down backwards!

The girls
The couple :)


Danny said...

Great pictures and excellent commentary. Good job Becca! A very successful trip I'd say. Thanks for letting me hang with you, I'm a lucky guy.

Heather said...

YOU ARE DATING DANNY!?!!!?! Oh Becca, I just wanted to cry of happiness. Two people that I absolutely love, dating each other. You just made my day. And p.s. it has been way too long since I have seen you!

melimba said...

oh you.
making it official and announcing it to the blog world, eh?

good times. good times.

great photos, but next time, why don't you crop me out of mom's pic? thanks, I look like a 9month pregnant crazy woman.

Thanks, in advance.
love and love.

emily snyder said...

it's ABOUT time!!
where did you find the pic of mom?? was that from Christmas in austin??

goooo man from snowy river!! mr. danny barney, i sure would like to meet you one day. just sayin.

Nicole and Garrett said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I love it! :D :D :D We all need to hang out again. Oh, and btw, did you know seriously so blessed is over? :( she quit!

Mikael Squire said...

Becca, You guys look so cute together! i hope you bring him to the next bug party!

Hoggey Bears said...

This just made my day and I Love the hide and seek picture btw oh man oh man oh man I'm too happy but stop because you're making me miss the red rock

Anonymous said...

Perfect couple! Good match..