Well hello world.
So I took a class in which I learned an art form entitled "motion graphics." Fun. I created a vimeo page today to post my creations. I will share them here with you. They are in order from worst to best.

This was an assignment to create a 30 second commercial using 3d layers for a TV series. I chose Ace of Cakes... obviously. 

Ace of Cakes from Rebecca Snyder on Vimeo.

This assignment could anything less than 2 minutes and we could only use typographic characters, ie: things you can type on the keyboard. 

Times & Seasons from Rebecca Snyder on Vimeo.

The big kahuna-- final project. This is a 30 second public service announcement from an organization of our choice. Go Weepies! 

You Can Easily Grow a Garden! from Rebecca Snyder on Vimeo.



photo from dragonfruit blog

Today I watched KungFu Panda for the first time. The sweet little big panda is motivated by food just as much as I am, a panda after my own heart. He kept eating dumplings and they looked so delicious. So you better believe it, I did make myself dumplings for dinner. No I did not use chopsticks.


Birthday Times

So, I usually try to avoid wearing the same outfit two days in a row. But. Last week I made an exception. My sister Emily gave me this beautiful dress on my day of birth. Luckily I was in Alpine before I went to school, so I got to wear it on the very day of birth! Then, I decided I had to wear it the next day too because it is just too adorable to not. Thanks Em!

I was a bit worried about my birthday this year. It was the day before the last day of classes, which for design majors is pretty stressful because usually projects are due on the last day of class. So add that to Sarah Jane being gone in China and Danny breaking up with me a few days earlier...let's just say, I just didn't see how this birthday was going to be awesome. 
But it was! 
Melissa came to Utah on the 11th so I got to chill with the family and these cute kids: 

My parents made some delicious food. Roland Snyder's grilled salmon= muy bien. And if you are looking for a new vegetable side dish- try this new one. Roast some carrots in the oven with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and some parsley. Then when it is cooked, bring them out and top them with feta. Yes!

Also, Remember back in the day when I posted that picture of the Cocoa Bean cupcake? They have this flavor that is chocolate cake with sweetened condensed milk, buttercream frosting, and heath topping. (Yes, I know this is a very specific name for this type of cake, but hey we're keeping this blog G-rated.) Well mother dearest made that very cake just for me. It was great the day of, but it was even better when I ate a quarter of it in one sitting!

Great birthday indeed! Add all those festivities to the awesome Outback dinner and very wonderful present my roommates gave me the night before, Emily's tender blog post, the kitty cat card from my co-workers, gracious gifts from my parents, and lots of calls, text messages, and lil' facebook notifications... it ended up being a pretty awesome day. Thanks everyone! Cheers to another year!



My boss sent us to this at work. Yes. 


Sarah Jane's Bridal Shower

Thanks to all who came to Sarah Jane's bridal shower!
 It was such a lovely time and so many people helped out. 

For the far-off sisters who have been asking for the full details, this is what we ate: 
  • Mom brought a delicious fruit tray with strawberries, pineapple, oranges, grapes, and bananas with her trademark pineapple top in the middle for decoration. 
  • Then we warmed up some pita bread and served them in triangles with hummus
  • We also had a veggie tray with celery, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and green peppers
  • Then the lovely Melissa Parkinson brought a divine spinach salad with raspberries, blackberries, and candied nuts
  • SJ's roommates also brought a pasta salad with a pesto dressing (probably my fav food of the night!- must get that recipe)
  • Another one of Sarah Jane's friends brought some guacamole and pico de gallo. They were a bit spicy for me, but I am a baby. Everyone else loved them though
  • I made yellow and chocolate cake cupcakes and frosted them with that crazy rosette tip
  • Lastly, mom brought the ingredients for the lemon citric acid drink and the soft pebbled ice

Here are a few photos. I thought I would take more, but alas I got pretty into the partying. The lighting in my apartment is not so bueno, so most of the human shots are black and white. 

Danielle, Natalie, SJ, Becca: these are her roomies

oh looky there, my roommates too! 

my old next door neighbor AND Jerusalem friend, the
newly married, Mrs. Allen (hers was the last shower I through)

the spread

the darling Melissa

we realized while taking this that we don't have any normal pictures together.
Oops, the pretzel hug will have to do for now.

Two thumbs up from Sarah on the paper garlands. 

Best picture of the night. I wanted a picture of Lindy
with her cute big belly,  but I wanted Sarah in
it too, so I asked them do the same pose- shockingly,
they actually did. 

the whole group

The Pants

So remember that post I did last week about the pants? I just remembered why. 

I have a friend named Andrew. He is great. He went to Jerusalem with me. The night before I boarded the plane, I looked at the student directory- it had pictures. I thought he looked like a real cool guy and I basically had a crush before I even got to the Middle East. 
Then we lived in the same building for 4 months. It was fun, but the crush didn't work out. 
Fast forward two years to present day, I still think he is wonderful but he is engaged to another friend from Jerusalem. No worries. 

This is when we did "fake engagements" by the danger sign.

But this is really a better symbol  of what our relationship was like.

Anyway, that is all background for this post. Because sometimes I post pictures and talk about people without explaining who they are or how I know them. 
So, in Jerusalem I was the craft girl. I brought all my embroidery materials with me on the trip which ended up being great because when we were bored on the bus, I stitched people's initials onto their backpacks so we could tell them apart-- great fun. Well one day Andrew needed his pants repaired. So I was working on them and he told me a story about his mom that I have never forgotten. 

Now Andrew's mom mastered in home economics, so she knows her stuff. Back in her college days she also repaired some pants for a man friend. He had dropped them off at her house for her to mend. Then later when she was on her way to return them, she saw the boy with his mom in the front room. So she opens the door, throws the pants at the boy and says, "Hey, you left these at my apartment." Then she closed the door and walked away. 

Awesome. Sis. Kennedy, I salute you. Ha! 

Like sister, like sister.

All yesterday I had this sad song stuck in my head. Then I check my sister's blog and she has the song title for her latest blog post! Cuh-razy! This song was big news awhile ago because one of the animation professors here at the BY made a frame by frame animation of this beautiful dance. Check it out.
Like the lady says in You've Got Mail, "You may want to watch it with a box of tissues..."

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.


I love Gmail

The best thing ever just happened to me. And I have Google to thank for that. 

I was drafting an e-mail and I said "I have attached this file and it is a little different... blah... blah."
Then I go to push send. 
But wait, it doesn't send. 
Rather, I get a little notice that says, "Hey Bec- you used the phrase "have attached file" but yet you haven't attached a file. Are you sure this message is ready to be sent?"
Ok the computer didn't actually call me by name. But then I realized oh yeah, I didn't even attach it yet. Perfect, right? I wish I had gotten a screen shot of it so that y'all would really believe me. So then I tried to do it again, but it didn't work and I ended up sending a fake e-mail to my supervisor. Oops. 

Also, I may have already posted this song, but I am especially needing and loving it today. 



Hey Y'all. Excuse my southern drawl, I just watched Paula Deen on Rachel Ray and sometimes she brings out the y'all in me.

Sad news. Tonight is my last night of being FHE mother. The semester doesn't end for a couple weeks but this will be our last FHE with our small little group. This group has been great, we legitimately feel like a family. We have real lessons where we really discuss the gospel instead of just trudging through it. We talk with each other and check in during the week and we can always count on a friend at church. One time we even postponed/replaced the lesson with discussing one of our "brother's" relationship and how he could get a girl to commit.  When someone is sick in our family, we know about it. It's darling. Most definitely the best FHE family I have had in my singles ward experience.
Anyway, one of my "sons" has asked me to a little mending for him. I sewed up a hole in his shorts a few weeks ago and last week he came with another pair. I feel so environmentally friendly when I repair clothing: like reduce, REUSE, recycle... ya know?
And it is reminding me how much I love to sew or be the sewer girl. Shayna and I took some photos to document the special repairing of the pants.

lame, you can't even tell that I did anything- but maybe that is a good thing?
On another craft note: It is Sarah Jane's Bridal shower this week! I am so excited. It will be so fun, you should come. 7-9 Thursday at my apartment. I have been a busy beaver making some fun crafts for this joyous event- but I will post pictures with the full documentation a wee bit later.
fun new paper garlands!