Birthday Times

So, I usually try to avoid wearing the same outfit two days in a row. But. Last week I made an exception. My sister Emily gave me this beautiful dress on my day of birth. Luckily I was in Alpine before I went to school, so I got to wear it on the very day of birth! Then, I decided I had to wear it the next day too because it is just too adorable to not. Thanks Em!

I was a bit worried about my birthday this year. It was the day before the last day of classes, which for design majors is pretty stressful because usually projects are due on the last day of class. So add that to Sarah Jane being gone in China and Danny breaking up with me a few days earlier...let's just say, I just didn't see how this birthday was going to be awesome. 
But it was! 
Melissa came to Utah on the 11th so I got to chill with the family and these cute kids: 

My parents made some delicious food. Roland Snyder's grilled salmon= muy bien. And if you are looking for a new vegetable side dish- try this new one. Roast some carrots in the oven with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and some parsley. Then when it is cooked, bring them out and top them with feta. Yes!

Also, Remember back in the day when I posted that picture of the Cocoa Bean cupcake? They have this flavor that is chocolate cake with sweetened condensed milk, buttercream frosting, and heath topping. (Yes, I know this is a very specific name for this type of cake, but hey we're keeping this blog G-rated.) Well mother dearest made that very cake just for me. It was great the day of, but it was even better when I ate a quarter of it in one sitting!

Great birthday indeed! Add all those festivities to the awesome Outback dinner and very wonderful present my roommates gave me the night before, Emily's tender blog post, the kitty cat card from my co-workers, gracious gifts from my parents, and lots of calls, text messages, and lil' facebook notifications... it ended up being a pretty awesome day. Thanks everyone! Cheers to another year!


Shara said...

I feel so terrible that I missed your birthday!!! I'm so sorry!!! Please accept my late birthday wishes! I'm glad it turned out to be a good day for you, and good luck with finals!

melimba said...

Luckily, aaron brought your gift up, so now I can contribute to your happiness! Glad it was fun. You are a gem of a girl. Love. Love. Love.

Stephanie said...

hooray! I'm glad your birthday ended up being awesome. You are the best ever.