Like sister, like sister.

All yesterday I had this sad song stuck in my head. Then I check my sister's blog and she has the song title for her latest blog post! Cuh-razy! This song was big news awhile ago because one of the animation professors here at the BY made a frame by frame animation of this beautiful dance. Check it out.
Like the lady says in You've Got Mail, "You may want to watch it with a box of tissues..."

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.


melimba said...

oh my word.
we ARE too matchy matchy.
i knew I liked you---does that mean I really like myself?

anyway, the above message is too cheery with how sad I feel from that video you posted. I remember seeing parts of that a while back, but didn't realize it was by BYU blood. Also, how sad is that song?? Wow. I am affected.

I love you.
Let's hang out ASAP.

Lace said...

Becky I love that video. So touching. Great post