The Pants

So remember that post I did last week about the pants? I just remembered why. 

I have a friend named Andrew. He is great. He went to Jerusalem with me. The night before I boarded the plane, I looked at the student directory- it had pictures. I thought he looked like a real cool guy and I basically had a crush before I even got to the Middle East. 
Then we lived in the same building for 4 months. It was fun, but the crush didn't work out. 
Fast forward two years to present day, I still think he is wonderful but he is engaged to another friend from Jerusalem. No worries. 

This is when we did "fake engagements" by the danger sign.

But this is really a better symbol  of what our relationship was like.

Anyway, that is all background for this post. Because sometimes I post pictures and talk about people without explaining who they are or how I know them. 
So, in Jerusalem I was the craft girl. I brought all my embroidery materials with me on the trip which ended up being great because when we were bored on the bus, I stitched people's initials onto their backpacks so we could tell them apart-- great fun. Well one day Andrew needed his pants repaired. So I was working on them and he told me a story about his mom that I have never forgotten. 

Now Andrew's mom mastered in home economics, so she knows her stuff. Back in her college days she also repaired some pants for a man friend. He had dropped them off at her house for her to mend. Then later when she was on her way to return them, she saw the boy with his mom in the front room. So she opens the door, throws the pants at the boy and says, "Hey, you left these at my apartment." Then she closed the door and walked away. 

Awesome. Sis. Kennedy, I salute you. Ha! 

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melimba said...

Wow. Sis. Kennedy, I salute you too!