Sarah Jane's Bridal Shower

Thanks to all who came to Sarah Jane's bridal shower!
 It was such a lovely time and so many people helped out. 

For the far-off sisters who have been asking for the full details, this is what we ate: 
  • Mom brought a delicious fruit tray with strawberries, pineapple, oranges, grapes, and bananas with her trademark pineapple top in the middle for decoration. 
  • Then we warmed up some pita bread and served them in triangles with hummus
  • We also had a veggie tray with celery, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and green peppers
  • Then the lovely Melissa Parkinson brought a divine spinach salad with raspberries, blackberries, and candied nuts
  • SJ's roommates also brought a pasta salad with a pesto dressing (probably my fav food of the night!- must get that recipe)
  • Another one of Sarah Jane's friends brought some guacamole and pico de gallo. They were a bit spicy for me, but I am a baby. Everyone else loved them though
  • I made yellow and chocolate cake cupcakes and frosted them with that crazy rosette tip
  • Lastly, mom brought the ingredients for the lemon citric acid drink and the soft pebbled ice

Here are a few photos. I thought I would take more, but alas I got pretty into the partying. The lighting in my apartment is not so bueno, so most of the human shots are black and white. 

Danielle, Natalie, SJ, Becca: these are her roomies

oh looky there, my roommates too! 

my old next door neighbor AND Jerusalem friend, the
newly married, Mrs. Allen (hers was the last shower I through)

the spread

the darling Melissa

we realized while taking this that we don't have any normal pictures together.
Oops, the pretzel hug will have to do for now.

Two thumbs up from Sarah on the paper garlands. 

Best picture of the night. I wanted a picture of Lindy
with her cute big belly,  but I wanted Sarah in
it too, so I asked them do the same pose- shockingly,
they actually did. 

the whole group


A Mitton said...

First, ohmygoodness I didn't know about Lindy! Crazy.

Becca dearest, you are an amazing bridal shower thrower. It looks beautiful and I'm so sad I missed it. When I get married in ten years will you please throw mine too?

Ali said...

The shower was fabulous, per usual. You are so great and everything you do is so stinkin cute! I am inspired.

melimba said...

holy blog posts, batman.

i love them.

love this shower. so glad to see some of the details from this great party.

love the photos. good work.
and, now you understand why so many of mine are in B/w. Bad lighting. oh well.

Love you. Great one. especially the pretzel hug with SJ. nice.