Well hello world.
So I took a class in which I learned an art form entitled "motion graphics." Fun. I created a vimeo page today to post my creations. I will share them here with you. They are in order from worst to best.

This was an assignment to create a 30 second commercial using 3d layers for a TV series. I chose Ace of Cakes... obviously. 

Ace of Cakes from Rebecca Snyder on Vimeo.

This assignment could anything less than 2 minutes and we could only use typographic characters, ie: things you can type on the keyboard. 

Times & Seasons from Rebecca Snyder on Vimeo.

The big kahuna-- final project. This is a 30 second public service announcement from an organization of our choice. Go Weepies! 

You Can Easily Grow a Garden! from Rebecca Snyder on Vimeo.
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