Well hello world.
So I took a class in which I learned an art form entitled "motion graphics." Fun. I created a vimeo page today to post my creations. I will share them here with you. They are in order from worst to best.

This was an assignment to create a 30 second commercial using 3d layers for a TV series. I chose Ace of Cakes... obviously. 

Ace of Cakes from Rebecca Snyder on Vimeo.

This assignment could anything less than 2 minutes and we could only use typographic characters, ie: things you can type on the keyboard. 

Times & Seasons from Rebecca Snyder on Vimeo.

The big kahuna-- final project. This is a 30 second public service announcement from an organization of our choice. Go Weepies! 

You Can Easily Grow a Garden! from Rebecca Snyder on Vimeo.


Ali said...

These are so great! I'm totally impressed.

Heather said...

I totally love them too! you are awesome!

miranda said...

you're a pro.

emily snyder said...

LOVE the first two - the third one isn't working :(

A Mitton said...

These are awesome. And I loved the use of The Weepies.

melimba said...

yeah! yeah! yeah!
love that these are up and for the viewing pleasure of ALL!

good work!

emily snyder said...

oh soooo love the third one!!