Calling All KNIGHTS!

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Ok I guess it is not all Knights, just the Lone Peak Knights that graduated in 2006. My friend Chase found out there would be no 5 year reunion this year, so we decided to put a make-shift facebook event together. But there is word on the street that it has been cancelled. So I want to spread the word that it is not cancelled and we would love to see you Knights there! It will be this Friday June 3rd at the new park in Alpine, 100 S. 600 E. at 7 pm. I have the southernmost pavilion reserved.

Now even if you didn't graduate with me, I think this event description is too hilarious to not share with all. It has caused a bit or dramatic behavior on the event wall, but I think it's funny:

Good news guys. It's happening, and we gonna do it big. Some of you may look back on your days at Lone Peak and not remember them fondly. While for others such as Sterling Coons high school was your finest moment. All the same, it's been five years and it's time to look back and celebrate our time at Lone Peak for what it was.

Now we recognize that not all 586 of us Alumni can come, but everyone is invited along with significant others and children. Yes, Linzy Parduhn and Kara Wood, Ruby and Madden are cordially invited!

Now what's going to happen at this five year reunion? Brady Rice will emcee the event. There will be several slideshows from our time at Lone Peak. There will also be a discussion and review of our class's Senior Superlative and Senior Quotes. IE Chris Eppich and Gabes Gee "Most Kissable Lips" and Conner Jensen's quote "I've been hit with a few shells but I don't walk with a limp."

This reunion will be an informal event to help us to get ready for the upcoming ten year reunion in 2016 and for all of us alums to catch up and joke around with one another again. And finally, a chance for Steve Shelley to fulfill some of his old high school wishes...

This is a public event please alert friends, family and anyone else who wants to come. Please spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Stumble Upon it, Myspace, and of course texting and conventional conversation.

If you have questions/ comments/ concerns write on our wall.

Can't wait to see you all there! Go Knights! It's Knight-Time! Class of 2006 4eva!!!

P.S. Don't worry. Billy Burgess will be there.


Know Your Religion

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A year or so ago, I took Bro. Bott's missionary preparation class . I had heard such great things about the course, so I wrote down everything I possibly could. I took my laptop instead of my notebook so that I wouldn't miss a word. Sometimes the class felt more like a courtroom and I was the record-keeper rather than really being in the class. I have enjoyed looking back at my notes so I can remember and re-learn what he taught. But luckily, anyone can do that. Bro. Bott has a blog called KYR: Know Your Religion. It is a collection of questions he has been asked throughout the years, followed by his in-depth answer. There are some really interesting questions that aren't always talked about or are difficult to make sense of. Bro. Bott is famous for answering and explaining the difficult questions. He even started another blog that is just for dating/ marriage questions and another that is focused to prepare missionaries.


Nathaniel Daniel

So once upon time, I made some friends in 6th grade. They ended up being some of my best. I was always a little bit jealous of their manhood and always wanted to be part of their "dream team." But it's ok, I later embraced my femininity and got over it. And luckily I am still friends with all of these boys. A few weeks ago, the youngest of the gang got married: Nate got married!
We had to take some pictures to celebrate... the boys wanted to celebrate "dream team" style. I thought I would post a few of these in honor of a new member of the blogosphere. Griffin and I made him a new blog yesterday for his travels in Europe this summer! He left today for 6 weeks to study interior design. How awesome is that?!

ps. all the boys wearing yellow ties are single. just FYI. 


2011 International Quilt Market

Well it has taken a couple of weeks but I finally got the around to posting about quilt market. Melissa and I got to meet some pretty cool people, yes that is Amy Butler and then American Jane! 

To catch the full post, visit the new site www.melimba-beccabury.com. This is our new blog that has all things fabric! We have a lot of pictures of what you can expect to see in quilt stores in Fall 2011. Enjoy!


slow motion

If you read Design Mom then this video is old news, but I think it is just beautiful. Making me hungry...

BSS | Breakfast Interrupted from Bruton Stroube Studios on Vimeo.

From Bruton Stroube Studios 



Oh hey you. Big news. Ok it's not that big, but it is fun news. Years ago my sister Melissa and I dreamt of doing some awesome art-sorta business together. We designed the fabric "Rainy Days and Mondays" together a couple years ago. But that is all we have really done, but now that I am graduated and have so much more time on my hands I am going to join Melissa in her fabric and paper endeavors that she has already been working on with her etsy shop and a few stationery stores in Texas and Utah. So now we need a new site to feature our combined work! Plus we have some fabric to sell. Drumroll.... introducing the new site....

Bro Roberts

Found this post from months ago that I never published. 

The other day I got a call from the executive secretary in my ward. He wanted to schedule a time for my ecclesiastical endorsement to keep going to the BYU. I had the pleasure of telling him that I will be graduating this semester. Actually, it was kind of sad. Still a pleasure but it was like one of two life changes I have had to make so far with this whole graduation thing. 

Anyway, he said that the bishopric would still like me to come in because they want to do a "get to know you" interview with every person in the ward every semester. So I went in last night and met with one of the counselors: Fred Roberts. Now if you know a thing or two abou basketball, you may recognize his name. 
He played in the NBA for awhile. I don't really know how long, but I do know that he played for the Jazz, the Spurs, and Mavericks.
So I go into my interview and knowing there was a Jazz game last night, I said, "Wow I am honored that I get to meet with you during a Jazz game. Don't you wish you were watching the game?" He said, "Ah, no it's good to be here. They are playing the Bulls tonight so that should be interesting. I do get to sit front row next week because my daughter's husband's parents sometimes get tickets and sometimes they trickle down to us... etc."
Back to me: Well don't you always get great seats with your Jazz connections?
Roberts (we will call him by his last name because everyone in the NBA did for years): I suppose I could, but I don't really like the traffic and having to get up there and everything. Now it was great when I got to play because I could just drive up early and then play my game and then hang out a bit until the traffic died down. But now it's just so crowded. I would rather go out to dinner.

Ha, isn't he awesome?! Then we preceded to discuss Nicolitatlia's Pizzeria (my fav-or-ite place in Provo). He is such a foodie! I love people after my own heart.


Mary and Martha

Thanks so much for all your congratulations! I am really excited. I am going to live with my sister in Boston and we are already planning the fun things we can do. She works at the Harvard Business School, so I think I will go to work with her sometimes and just hang out at Harvard... super cool!

Speaking of Emily, I am living in her old apartment currently. At my parent's house, they have a lovely little two story apartment that is attached to the side. When my dad was working from home, they built this attachment for him and his employees. But they expanded a few years ago and now have a bigger office in downtown Alpine. So my parents put in our old oven, cabinets, and even our ancient trash compactor in the basement so that there is a real kitchen.  Emily was the last one to live here before I moved in so it still has most of her stuff. She has a lot of books.  There is a bookshelf with lots of church books. I started a few but just wasn't getting into them, until I picked up one called "Mary, Martha, and Me" by Camille Fronk Olson. I am loving it.

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The author talks about the Mary and Martha story when the Savior came to their home in Bethany. We often think that being really busy and getting a lot done is really good and we shouldn't be idle and we have no time to ponder...  but the author talks about how her grandma was always like that. She was always filing her time with so many good things, always serving others, always baking a casserole for someone. She was a seamstress, gardener, cook, quilter, laundress, and always attacked scores of domestic projects. She even had this silent competition with her neighbor over who could get the laundry done the fastest in the morning. Her mom remembers once her mom woke up so early and worked so fast that she had the laundry ready to hang on the line at 5:30 am on a Monday morning, but to her shock the neighbor already had hers hanging on the line. She even remembers her mom starting a load on Saturday night so that she could get it done earlier, just for this little competition. 
Now I certainly don't care when my laundry is done or how it compares to someone else's, but I do have other things that are like silent competition in my head. The author talks about competitively comparing our abilities, possessions, and even temperaments. She said, "They have a newer car, we have a bigger yard, she requires less sleep, he has more stamina, he is more patient, she is more knowledgable... or she can do the laundry faster." Even by the tone of voice we can tell what someone thinks is better. I paid particular attention to this chapter because our lesson was on pure charity the other day and how to stop judging and just let the love flow. 
Here's the author's examples: 
"She's a working mother, but I chose to stay home with my kids."
"I'm getting an education, so I can be a better mother to my kids."
"He is still pursuing college degrees, but he should be working to provide and save for his family." 
"He is in a dead-end job because he dropped out of school; I wanted my family to be well cared for, so we sacrificed for many years so I could get the best education."

She also quoted this woman who made a comment at a lecture she spoke at:
"After hearing you, I felt discouraged because I will never know the scriptures as well. But then I thought, instead of going to school, I chose to follow the prophet- I married and had a family."
I think the author was pretty ticked by this comment, but she cushioned it very nicely. 

It is so easy to say that one way of doing something is "more righteous" or "better." She said that when we see the differences between Mary and Martha's approaches to their time with the Savior, it may be easy to say one of them is "better" than the other, just as we always do with other things, other people, other situations. But with this extrordinaire grandma she had, it seems like she fits into the perfect Relief Society mother, but she seems more like a Martha. But maybe we are getting mixed messages because it seems like we ought to be more like Mary, and take time to rest and be. 

from Gospel Art Book lds.org

The author never saw her grandma with her scriptures or talking about doctrine, etc. But that doesn't mean she (a Martha personality) would be second to Mary. She said that in the church we sometimes say oh Mary chose the better part. 
But that is not what Christ said. He said, "One thing is needful, and Mary hath chosen that good part." The author says the "one needful thing" is having Jesus Christ in our life. It doesn't matter what our life looks like and how we fill our time, but it's how we use the influence of Jesus Christ to determine WHAT we should do and WHEN we should do it. Because for me, that is the hard part. I know all the good things- I know what is black, white, and grey. But I just don't know who I should be focusing on when or what I should fill my time with in what order. But as long as I commune with the Spirit often, I feel in control and not so confused with all there is that I could be doing. 
It's been a good reminder. 
What a great book.
How awesome is it that people gain insight and then share it in a book?
I love that we have books for that reason.  Anyway, I highly recommend it. Sorry my thoughts are so jumbled. It's been a great read. 


Friday the 13th

In the words of little sister Lizzy, "I know it's Friday the 13th and all but really it's like the best day of my life." This Friday the 13th was pretty awesome for all the girls in the Snyder fam.

#1 Lizzy made the high school dance company as a sophomore! So cool!

#2 Emily moved into a new apartment in Boston that is all her own.

#3 Melissa and I went to the International Quilt Market! It was rockin'... pictures are sure to come soon.

#4 I got a call from a clothing company that wants to me to make some patterns for them. Sweet nectar!

#5 I confirmed some great news. I will be an intern in Boston this summer for my favorite magazine. This is Seeing the Everyday

Now I love so many magazines. I always have and probably always will. When I first started college, my only dream was to work for Martha Stewart or Real Simple magazine. As I explored tons of different majors and made lists of what I should study, I still kept wanting to do graphic design- even though I didn't really know what it was at the time. And while I still love those publications and think they are the gold standard in so many areas that I love (food, crafting, photography, interior design, etc.), I am so excited to be working with a brand new magazine that I fully support, not just the design but also the purpose. There are no advertisements and the writing comes from random people from all walks of life. Not paid journalists and writers, but brothers, moms, aunts and uncles, sisters, and dads sharing their stories of how prosaic moments influenced their family, their relationships, and who they are today. 

As you can see in that last spread, their purpose is to glorify the seemingly prosaic, "because the common or mundane moments and interactions that daily might seem inconsequential- are perhaps among the most critical and influential in character development and nurturing family relationships." Beautiful. I can't read this magazine without tearing up. And now I am so excited to be working with them and to be part of the Seeing the Everyday team.

All images from Seeing the Everyday's facebook page.


Cashew Caramels

Oh hey world. Well I moved home for a bit until Sarah Jane gets married. And let me tell you I am reaping the benefits. The singles ward was cancelled this week so that we could be at our home wards with our mom for mother's day. Convenient... I got the gift they give to all 18 and older women... thank you thank you. Don't mind if I do.


Why I love Chrome

love loving the new google chrome logo.



on the dock: lookin good

It makes me happy each time I click on my browser.