Bro Roberts

Found this post from months ago that I never published. 

The other day I got a call from the executive secretary in my ward. He wanted to schedule a time for my ecclesiastical endorsement to keep going to the BYU. I had the pleasure of telling him that I will be graduating this semester. Actually, it was kind of sad. Still a pleasure but it was like one of two life changes I have had to make so far with this whole graduation thing. 

Anyway, he said that the bishopric would still like me to come in because they want to do a "get to know you" interview with every person in the ward every semester. So I went in last night and met with one of the counselors: Fred Roberts. Now if you know a thing or two abou basketball, you may recognize his name. 
He played in the NBA for awhile. I don't really know how long, but I do know that he played for the Jazz, the Spurs, and Mavericks.
So I go into my interview and knowing there was a Jazz game last night, I said, "Wow I am honored that I get to meet with you during a Jazz game. Don't you wish you were watching the game?" He said, "Ah, no it's good to be here. They are playing the Bulls tonight so that should be interesting. I do get to sit front row next week because my daughter's husband's parents sometimes get tickets and sometimes they trickle down to us... etc."
Back to me: Well don't you always get great seats with your Jazz connections?
Roberts (we will call him by his last name because everyone in the NBA did for years): I suppose I could, but I don't really like the traffic and having to get up there and everything. Now it was great when I got to play because I could just drive up early and then play my game and then hang out a bit until the traffic died down. But now it's just so crowded. I would rather go out to dinner.

Ha, isn't he awesome?! Then we preceded to discuss Nicolitatlia's Pizzeria (my fav-or-ite place in Provo). He is such a foodie! I love people after my own heart.

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Brittany said...

Best line: "I love people after my own heart."

This was great. Aren't great people great? Speaking of, are you in Provo?? Let's get together yeah yeah yeah.