Calling All KNIGHTS!

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Ok I guess it is not all Knights, just the Lone Peak Knights that graduated in 2006. My friend Chase found out there would be no 5 year reunion this year, so we decided to put a make-shift facebook event together. But there is word on the street that it has been cancelled. So I want to spread the word that it is not cancelled and we would love to see you Knights there! It will be this Friday June 3rd at the new park in Alpine, 100 S. 600 E. at 7 pm. I have the southernmost pavilion reserved.

Now even if you didn't graduate with me, I think this event description is too hilarious to not share with all. It has caused a bit or dramatic behavior on the event wall, but I think it's funny:

Good news guys. It's happening, and we gonna do it big. Some of you may look back on your days at Lone Peak and not remember them fondly. While for others such as Sterling Coons high school was your finest moment. All the same, it's been five years and it's time to look back and celebrate our time at Lone Peak for what it was.

Now we recognize that not all 586 of us Alumni can come, but everyone is invited along with significant others and children. Yes, Linzy Parduhn and Kara Wood, Ruby and Madden are cordially invited!

Now what's going to happen at this five year reunion? Brady Rice will emcee the event. There will be several slideshows from our time at Lone Peak. There will also be a discussion and review of our class's Senior Superlative and Senior Quotes. IE Chris Eppich and Gabes Gee "Most Kissable Lips" and Conner Jensen's quote "I've been hit with a few shells but I don't walk with a limp."

This reunion will be an informal event to help us to get ready for the upcoming ten year reunion in 2016 and for all of us alums to catch up and joke around with one another again. And finally, a chance for Steve Shelley to fulfill some of his old high school wishes...

This is a public event please alert friends, family and anyone else who wants to come. Please spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Stumble Upon it, Myspace, and of course texting and conventional conversation.

If you have questions/ comments/ concerns write on our wall.

Can't wait to see you all there! Go Knights! It's Knight-Time! Class of 2006 4eva!!!

P.S. Don't worry. Billy Burgess will be there.

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Brittany said...

confession: any kind of high school reunion terrifies me. why? no clue.

but i hope yours is stellar.
the event description makes it seem quite promising.