Friday the 13th

In the words of little sister Lizzy, "I know it's Friday the 13th and all but really it's like the best day of my life." This Friday the 13th was pretty awesome for all the girls in the Snyder fam.

#1 Lizzy made the high school dance company as a sophomore! So cool!

#2 Emily moved into a new apartment in Boston that is all her own.

#3 Melissa and I went to the International Quilt Market! It was rockin'... pictures are sure to come soon.

#4 I got a call from a clothing company that wants to me to make some patterns for them. Sweet nectar!

#5 I confirmed some great news. I will be an intern in Boston this summer for my favorite magazine. This is Seeing the Everyday

Now I love so many magazines. I always have and probably always will. When I first started college, my only dream was to work for Martha Stewart or Real Simple magazine. As I explored tons of different majors and made lists of what I should study, I still kept wanting to do graphic design- even though I didn't really know what it was at the time. And while I still love those publications and think they are the gold standard in so many areas that I love (food, crafting, photography, interior design, etc.), I am so excited to be working with a brand new magazine that I fully support, not just the design but also the purpose. There are no advertisements and the writing comes from random people from all walks of life. Not paid journalists and writers, but brothers, moms, aunts and uncles, sisters, and dads sharing their stories of how prosaic moments influenced their family, their relationships, and who they are today. 

As you can see in that last spread, their purpose is to glorify the seemingly prosaic, "because the common or mundane moments and interactions that daily might seem inconsequential- are perhaps among the most critical and influential in character development and nurturing family relationships." Beautiful. I can't read this magazine without tearing up. And now I am so excited to be working with them and to be part of the Seeing the Everyday team.

All images from Seeing the Everyday's facebook page.


Stephanie said...

becca! Congratulations! That will be such an amazing experience. I'm so excited for you! When do you leave?

Heather said...

Way to go Becca that is AWESOME!! Allison will love to have you in Boston. Will you stay with your sister? Also, tell Lizzy congratulations! I am so proud of you! You are going to be FAMOUS. You are already so successful!

mjots said...

Becca that is so great! I'm so happy for you (and so jealous that you'll be in Boston). The magazine sounds awesome and I want to hear more. Can we get together before you leave? I really want to see you (and I'm not just saying that!)

A Mitton said...

Shut up, you are coming here?? Becca, I'm so thrilled!! I know that magazine, it's pretty impressive. Also, I want to know where you're living, and I want you to come to my ward.

Holy goodness, I'm excited.

Reags said...

This is unreal.

Greg said...

Congrats on the Boston gig! You will be great. We miss you here at HRD.

aaron said...

woot! woot!
love that you quoted lizzy. that was DEFINITELY quote worthy.
love you.
so proud of ALL your lovely accomplishments.

Heather said...

friend of Emily and Melissa's here. I'm so excited for you to do this internship. What a great magazine!!! Plus, you get to live with Emily, I suppose. Your family is so awesome. Enjoy!

Brittany said...

Oh hey I'm just catching up here.

BECCA. Congrats congrats congrats! First, the magazine looks amazing. AMAZING. Tell them I want a writing job.

Second, Boston? Dying.