Know Your Religion

image from LDS Church News

A year or so ago, I took Bro. Bott's missionary preparation class . I had heard such great things about the course, so I wrote down everything I possibly could. I took my laptop instead of my notebook so that I wouldn't miss a word. Sometimes the class felt more like a courtroom and I was the record-keeper rather than really being in the class. I have enjoyed looking back at my notes so I can remember and re-learn what he taught. But luckily, anyone can do that. Bro. Bott has a blog called KYR: Know Your Religion. It is a collection of questions he has been asked throughout the years, followed by his in-depth answer. There are some really interesting questions that aren't always talked about or are difficult to make sense of. Bro. Bott is famous for answering and explaining the difficult questions. He even started another blog that is just for dating/ marriage questions and another that is focused to prepare missionaries.


emily snyder said...

i really like you. and all the updated posts!!

bethany jane. said...

Becca! you should come to my reception! Okay, I know you've got prior engagements, but the Bott's are really good friends with Kimball's family. They'll be there and you could have stationed yourself right at his table and picked his brain.... there's still time to reconsider... oh, and I'm totally using that frame and "Kimball & Bethany" print you made me at my wedding. It's perfect! Thanks again!