Nathaniel Daniel

So once upon time, I made some friends in 6th grade. They ended up being some of my best. I was always a little bit jealous of their manhood and always wanted to be part of their "dream team." But it's ok, I later embraced my femininity and got over it. And luckily I am still friends with all of these boys. A few weeks ago, the youngest of the gang got married: Nate got married!
We had to take some pictures to celebrate... the boys wanted to celebrate "dream team" style. I thought I would post a few of these in honor of a new member of the blogosphere. Griffin and I made him a new blog yesterday for his travels in Europe this summer! He left today for 6 weeks to study interior design. How awesome is that?!

ps. all the boys wearing yellow ties are single. just FYI. 

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Hoggey Bears said...

Yesssss I love this! Good work on the pictures. Still sad I couldn't make it.