Mitt Romney

I may have already posted this detail at some point. But, I worked at a Mitt Romney call center.
For one day.
Well for less than an hour. Ok....
I made one call.
It was so hard. And awkward.
I had passed by the call center everyday going back and forth from school and I kept thinking you know, I really ought to go in there sometime. I didn't go until the night before they chose the Republican nominee. Someone gave me a list of numbers and said ok call them and encourage them to vote tomorrow. Then tell them why Mitt Romney is great.
I dialed the first number on the list.
No answer.
Dialed the second number on the list.
No answer.
(My anxiety of actually having to talk to someone was wearing off.)
I dialed the third number on the list.
Answer. Angry man. Very angry man who was sick of Mitt Romney callers. Told me that we shouldn't call his house again.

Sad Becca. I almost started crying. I hated being yelled at, so I sneakily snuck out. The next day, McCain beat him.

Moral of the story: I think I am going to let Mitt make his own calls.

But I did learn something. I learned that as much as I listen to National Public Radio and tell people what I  learned in my AP Gov & Politics class, I know very little about politics. To really be involved you have to know about the candidates, what they have done, and what they are going to do. I knew very little about Mitt Romney and certainly not enough to convince someone else to vote for him. So this next upcoming election I have a new goal. It isn't too lofty. I just want to be more informed about not just who is running but what they would actually do... and most importantly how that may affect me.

So here is to being more educated!

Now this doesn't really have to do with my new goal, but it is helping me remember that religion ought to be put aside when it comes to choosing politicians. Here is an article by evangelical Warren Cole Smith about why he can not support Romney. Very interesting. But more interesting than that is Michael Otterson's rebuttal.

Go America. Go Jasper Johns and his version of the flag.

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