A Wish Fulfilled

This is my new friend Lisa. I clearly give her a thumbs up.

Anthropologie wants her to design clothes for them... this is a big deal. Since I knew I would be seeing her, I wore the only Anthropologie item I own (thanks mom):

You might be thinking, hm Becca... what are you doing posing like waitress in the middle of the street?
Well for starters, I knew my sister was taking a picture of me. So obviously I had to pose. And I have a few friends who always do the one hand on hip look whenever there is a camera. Usually I think it looks a little stiff, but it just seemed to fit with me holding the plate and all. 

I was waiting for Lisa to pick us up for a dinner party. 
I had to stand on the street because I was so excited. I had been giddy with anticipation. 

So I packed a scarf, and made Emily take a picture. This is a big moment in my life. Emily asked why I was so so so excited and I realized I had never been in a convertible. Now that I have, I think the whole world should know that they are absolutely wonderful. It is like riding a scooter, but you can go faster and you are safer and you don't even have to wear a helmet. You get to wear a scarf instead! 

Then we stopped at the park. Parks in Boston are wonderful. People kayak at the park. Awesome. 

People also go fishing at the park... like Emily. Thanks to the Preece kids, we now know how to properly fish. You place bread on the end of a stick and wait until it floats off. Then you watch the fish eat it. My kind of fishing!

Always gotta love the "right before they were prepared" shot. 


Reags said...

obsessed with this post.

A Mitton said...

That's awesome about Anthropologie. Man.

And I love convertibles, too :)

bethany jane. said...

Um, you cant just leave it at "anthropologie wants her to design clothes for them" because that is quite possibly the biggest earthly honor i can imagine! How in the world did she get there? Does she already have stuff for sale? What's her style? I want to know more, obviously. I'm seriously interested in this... details? Oh, and I must say, you're adorable, and I love your life.

melimba said...

good work.
way to make friends with people in the big leagues. :) way to wear your special skirt for such a special time.
way to go em, on such a darling dress!!

good work.

and, so happy you got to go in the convertible. what a dream.