Gilmore Girls

I have been really excited about writing this post for a month or so now. 
It's no lie that I love Gilmore Girls. If you don't know what it is, let me tell you a quick synopsis.
Lorelai gets pregnant when she is just 16. She keeps the baby and names her Lorelai, but calls her Rory. She raises her in a cute little house in a small town called 
Stars Hollow, Connecticut this will be important later in the post. 

Rory and Lorelai live a lovely life with fast talking, clever wit, lots of cultural references, and too many love interests. 

This show has been a favorite of mine for several years. My sister was flipping through channels one night and stopped on the WB to see the pilot episode. It was great. Because we weren't allowed to watch TV on weekdays, we would sometimes sneak downstairs to turn it on really quiet or sometimes I would go to my friend's house to work on our political science homework every Tuesday night... 
Later in seasons 5 and 6, I got mad at the show and felt like it was getting gross and the comedic timing just wasn't the same. I heard they got new producers and I stopped watching for a bit. 

But then I heard about the final episode and I watched clips of it on youtube many a times. It really is the perfect last scene to a series. 
Last fall I would always have a break on Tuesday for lunch between noon and 1, which happened to be when Gilmore Girls reruns were on. On one Tuesday, I was enjoying some tomato soup and flipped to channel 28 to find the last episode had just begun. I watched it, like normal. But this time, I went to class a half hour late because I had to savor every minute it was on. Few times in my life have I cried as hard as I did in that final episode. I felt like an era was ending. 

Last summer, my friends Sarah and Brittany were chatting about GG as we like to call it now. I have seasons 1-3, so I brought them down to Provo and we started inviting girls in the ward to come over, eat otterpops, and celebrate the Lorelais with us. When Sarah and I moved in to the same apartment last summer, we were pleased to find that our newest roommate, dear Shayna had the entire series on DVD. We started where we left off and it became a roommate tradition to eat our Cafe Rio, run to the grocery store to grab Ben & Jerry's and then watch an episode or 2 or 3 or 4 of Gilmore Girls. 

In the final weeks before school was ending, we were just starting season 7. We all had odd time schedules so I ended up watching the last part of season 7 while packing up my room. It was interesting re-living Rory's life while I was ending up my college days. Going to her last college parties, while I was. Reflecting on broken engagements, as I was. Seeing her pack up the boxes with Paris, while I packed. Wondering what to do next, like I was. It may sound cheesy to those that don't love Gilmore Girls, but when you grow up at the same time and somewhat shared memories, you just feel connected. 
The night before I graduated, my roommates and I gathered one last time to watch the final episode. It was lovely. We laughed, we cried. I am sure going to miss those girls. 

Fast forward to why I am doing this post. Well because Emily had a crazy idea that I loved. She read about Stars Hollow on wikipedia and learned that Amy Sherman-Palladino (the creator and producer) went on a vacation to Washington, CT and went for a little visit to the downtown. From this visit and others to Essex and Wallingford, she got the idea for Gilmore Girls. In fact she started writing the pilot on a napkin called Ralph's ... (like Luke's). 

So Emily and I did a pilgrimage of sorts. In preparation the night before, we watched the road trip to Harvard where they stay at the Cheshire Cat. Great episode. We figured it would be good prep because they were doing the opposite of us. We were leaving from Harvard and going to CT. 

Emily (and her co-workers) called every car rental in the Boston area until she got her hands on a Jeep wrangler. Why you ask? 

Well because Lorelai drove a Jeep Wrangler. Hers was a greenish tan. Luckily we happened to run into a greenish tan Jeep Wrangler while we were in the town of Washington, CT. See for yourself: 

When we got there, we visited the local places with real Washington natives. I told Emily to try to avoid telling people why we were in town... you know, I didn't want them to think we were crazy. But we met a lovely little lady at a yarn shop and it just spilled out. But don't worry, she said people come around all the time for the exact same reason! 
Ok here Washington Food Market, which may have inspired Doose's Market that Taylor owned and Dean worked at. 

We also had to visit the bookstore, because Rory was super intellectual and would love to hang out here. Plus her and Jess had some awesome flirting scenes here. I was hoping to find a Jess for me, but alas all we found was the Awkward Family Photos book, which is fabulous. Emily bought it for me later and I can't get enough of it. 

Kind of crazy, but this is the town hall in Washington, it doesn't look like Miss Patty's dance studio at all, but it is beautiful so it deserved a photo. 

Next we headed to Wallingford and then stayed at a bed and breakfast in New Milford. Both of them looked even more like Stars Hollow than Washington. I was thrilled when I saw this gazebo in the center of town.

Then we found the park bench. Remember all those scenes when Rory would just be reading on the bench or waiting for the bus? 

I certainly do. For this next pose, I was planning on photoshopping Dean or Lane but I get enough time with photoshop in my real life. 

As we were walking around the town, we found some fun things and some not fun things. The curved railroad seemed quaint and rustic. So we captured a few shots and did mini portrait sessions for ourselves. Don't be surprised if you see those as profile pics in weeks to come. 

note: don't worry, this one will never be used as a profile pic. What am I even doing? 

There was fun of those creepy carnivals going on in the park next to the railroad. Trust me, the railroad tracks seemed safer. If this were Stars Hollow, it could be like a Stars Hollow High event, definitely not something for us Chilton fans. 

This appears to be the cool hangout in town, besides the carnival. If you look close, the boy by the tree was indeed giving me an odd look as I zoomed in with my big lens to snap this photo. Little did he know that I needed to capture everything on this trip. 

Now, back to the New England that we love. Isn't it so great that there are flags everywhere?

This is a bank. Beautifulest bank I've seen. 

a lovely church, it kind of looks like the church where Rory showed up late to when Lorelai was becoming Sukie and Jackson's baby's god-mother. 

This is the same church, but this picture kind of looks like Luke is in an old truck driving past. 

Gilmore Girls, you were good to us.


Back Home

Boston was awesome.
St. George was fabulous.
Lake Mead was rockin'. 
But I am happy to be home. 
The vacations have come to a halt for a few weeks which will be nice to do things like clean my room, make my bed, go to the same ward for a consecutive two weeks.

I am sad I missed so many weddings. I have come home to a hefty amount of wedding announcements (is it terrible that on those facebook group pages I request the announcements even if I know I can't go? I just love to see all the designs!) and I am just sad that I missed so many celebrations. I have never had so many friends get married in any summer of my life. Seriously love is in the air this year. 

Today I opened my planner to start organizing my life again and found that the bookmark was placed at April 23. Which means I have not opened it since I graduated. Wow. 
P.S. this is the best planner in the world. (Moleskine weekly planner) It is the length of my wallet. I have day spots on the left to write appointments, but then a running to-do list for the week on the right. 

Speaking of graduation, I did graduate. I got my diploma in the mail a couple weeks ago, which is interesting because I had a terrible dream last night. My sister thinks I should start a blog that is just a dream log because I have such crazy ones and I always remember all the details. 

So a little background, all my life I have had dreams about forgetting that I was registered in a class. In college this is very easy to do because no one will really alert you or notice if you are missing. In my dream, it is the last week of the semester and I am going to fail the class because I didn't do any of the assignments. When I graduated, I told my family (and my boss) that I was so excited to graduate and be done with those dreams forever. 

Well it has only been a couple months and I still had one. But now it is worse. 
Last night, in my dream I was taking an Anthropology class from my friend Autumn
This is interesting because Autumn majored in anthropology.
At the beginning of the dream we were having a conversation about how fun it would be for her to be my professor. But then for some reason, my life got too hectic and I couldn't go to class (I believe it was on Wednesday nights from 6 - 9:30 and I would always forget about it). Then we fast forward to the last week before finals and I ran into Autumn on campus and she said, "Hey, how come you haven't been coming to my class?" Then it hit me and I got so nervous and asked her what I could to at least get a passing grade, because I knew that if I didn't pass, I would have to come back and retake the class so I could graduate. She made me e-mail her supervisor professor because this was her first year teaching and she couldn't make exceptions on assignments for any students. 
This part is also somewhat close to real life, because Autumn was a TA for Anthro 101.
I woke up, remembering that I had received my diploma in the mail a few weeks ago and I had several extra credits that I didn't need and I have certainly taken enough humanities and art classes to fulfill any generals that Anthropology could have gotten me. 

I am relieved. 

See, I did graduate. 


MacBook Pro

I couldn't sleep last night so of course my mind wandered to Apple products.

My dad let me use his wireless mouse a few years ago. I liked it for awhile but there always seems to be some problem: the left click doesn't work, the bluetooth connection is flaky and the battery life is short. I have heard some similar complaints about the Magic Mouse, but I used it for 7ish months and absolutely loved it.
Then I was thinking about why we even buy wireless mouses. The fact that you're even using a mouse means you're probably going to be sitting somewhat still for awhile, so why does it matter if it is plugged in or not?

But now I think maybe Apple made us do it.
Check it out.
The latest version of the MacBook has the CD drive on the right, and all the other connections on the left (ethernet, USB, headphones, etc). I enjoy this because there are no cord connections on the back and I don't like to reach around the back, it's awkward and I usually have to tip the screen down.

But this does present a problem for the mouse. The wired mouse comes with a fairly short cord.

You can only plug it in on the left and then you have to waste the cord length to wrap it around the machine. Once you make it to its proper side (for the majority of humans) on the right, it doesn't give you much wiggle space. If I want to drag an object from the bottom corner of my screen to the top, it requires two movements which slows me down. And if I were by chance a mouse-pad person, it is barely able to graze its landing target.

I guess this post is mostly for my old co-workers Lynnae and Justin: I admit that there is one thing about my Apple product that I don't like. Actually, make that two- the speakers are weak and a wired mouse needs a longer wire. But that's really small potatoes to the joy this blessed machine has brought into my life. 


Job Hunt

Hey friends. So I have been on the job hunt since I graduated, and today I came across this little beauty. Check it out. Anthropologie is looking for an intern in the fall for their visual displays. You have to receive college credit in order to apply, so I can't do it but someone else should totally apply. They just posted it today.

Bethany- you should totally apply. 



One of the best parts about being in Boston... PIZZA. This weekend Emily, SJ, and I went to this place called Za's. They only use ingredients they buy from farmer's markets. Let's talk about the pizza we got. 

These were the toppings: 
  • Verrill Farms Strawberries 
  • Basil  
  • Caramelized Onion 
  • Vermont Goat Cheese  
  • EVOO

For the non-Rachel Ray fans, EVOO stands for extra virgin olive oil. The owner loves this acronym so much that he started a new restaurant called "EVOO" but it is pronounced eevu. It was awesome. We also got a salad. Let's talk about it. 

These were the toppings: 
  • Verrill Farms Baby Spinach 
  • Grilled 'n Chilled Red Onions  
  • Toasted Walnuts 
  • Blue Cheese  
  • Mustard Vinaigrette 
We didn't take any photos, and my leftovers don't really do it justice, especially with that odd smile I am pulling. 

We didn't get any desserts but let's talk about them.
This one was calling my name: Shane's Lavender-Honey Creme Brulee with Whipped Cream
I may go back and get it real soon. 

If not then maybe this: Chocolate Goat Cheesecake with Whipped Cream

Brooke, I feel like I am you documenting all your big city food adventures!  

A Visitor

Before I came to Boston I was on a blog streak... hm that sounds like an odd way to say that. Since I haven't had internet access, I am kind of fading on the habit. My apologies.
Anyway, look who came to visit?!

Sarah Jane left yesterday but we partied it up while we could. 

On Monday we headed to Newport, Rhode Island to find some massive mansions. This one is the Vanderbilt's. They have a famous cliffwalk that goes behind the mansions and has a lovely ocean view. We definitely recommend it but don't go in the middle of the day in the middle of July.