Back Home

Boston was awesome.
St. George was fabulous.
Lake Mead was rockin'. 
But I am happy to be home. 
The vacations have come to a halt for a few weeks which will be nice to do things like clean my room, make my bed, go to the same ward for a consecutive two weeks.

I am sad I missed so many weddings. I have come home to a hefty amount of wedding announcements (is it terrible that on those facebook group pages I request the announcements even if I know I can't go? I just love to see all the designs!) and I am just sad that I missed so many celebrations. I have never had so many friends get married in any summer of my life. Seriously love is in the air this year. 

Today I opened my planner to start organizing my life again and found that the bookmark was placed at April 23. Which means I have not opened it since I graduated. Wow. 
P.S. this is the best planner in the world. (Moleskine weekly planner) It is the length of my wallet. I have day spots on the left to write appointments, but then a running to-do list for the week on the right. 

Speaking of graduation, I did graduate. I got my diploma in the mail a couple weeks ago, which is interesting because I had a terrible dream last night. My sister thinks I should start a blog that is just a dream log because I have such crazy ones and I always remember all the details. 

So a little background, all my life I have had dreams about forgetting that I was registered in a class. In college this is very easy to do because no one will really alert you or notice if you are missing. In my dream, it is the last week of the semester and I am going to fail the class because I didn't do any of the assignments. When I graduated, I told my family (and my boss) that I was so excited to graduate and be done with those dreams forever. 

Well it has only been a couple months and I still had one. But now it is worse. 
Last night, in my dream I was taking an Anthropology class from my friend Autumn
This is interesting because Autumn majored in anthropology.
At the beginning of the dream we were having a conversation about how fun it would be for her to be my professor. But then for some reason, my life got too hectic and I couldn't go to class (I believe it was on Wednesday nights from 6 - 9:30 and I would always forget about it). Then we fast forward to the last week before finals and I ran into Autumn on campus and she said, "Hey, how come you haven't been coming to my class?" Then it hit me and I got so nervous and asked her what I could to at least get a passing grade, because I knew that if I didn't pass, I would have to come back and retake the class so I could graduate. She made me e-mail her supervisor professor because this was her first year teaching and she couldn't make exceptions on assignments for any students. 
This part is also somewhat close to real life, because Autumn was a TA for Anthro 101.
I woke up, remembering that I had received my diploma in the mail a few weeks ago and I had several extra credits that I didn't need and I have certainly taken enough humanities and art classes to fulfill any generals that Anthropology could have gotten me. 

I am relieved. 

See, I did graduate. 


Nicole and Garrett said...

Oh my gosh, I used to have dreams like that all the time! Ugh, such an awful feeling.

Autumn said...

1) Bah!!! I made your blog? Seriously...I can't stop smiling!

2) oh goodness I totally have that dream all of the time...I even had one recently where I had to go back to high school and retake American Studies

3) I have the same planner

4) Pasta Party?