MacBook Pro

I couldn't sleep last night so of course my mind wandered to Apple products.

My dad let me use his wireless mouse a few years ago. I liked it for awhile but there always seems to be some problem: the left click doesn't work, the bluetooth connection is flaky and the battery life is short. I have heard some similar complaints about the Magic Mouse, but I used it for 7ish months and absolutely loved it.
Then I was thinking about why we even buy wireless mouses. The fact that you're even using a mouse means you're probably going to be sitting somewhat still for awhile, so why does it matter if it is plugged in or not?

But now I think maybe Apple made us do it.
Check it out.
The latest version of the MacBook has the CD drive on the right, and all the other connections on the left (ethernet, USB, headphones, etc). I enjoy this because there are no cord connections on the back and I don't like to reach around the back, it's awkward and I usually have to tip the screen down.

But this does present a problem for the mouse. The wired mouse comes with a fairly short cord.

You can only plug it in on the left and then you have to waste the cord length to wrap it around the machine. Once you make it to its proper side (for the majority of humans) on the right, it doesn't give you much wiggle space. If I want to drag an object from the bottom corner of my screen to the top, it requires two movements which slows me down. And if I were by chance a mouse-pad person, it is barely able to graze its landing target.

I guess this post is mostly for my old co-workers Lynnae and Justin: I admit that there is one thing about my Apple product that I don't like. Actually, make that two- the speakers are weak and a wired mouse needs a longer wire. But that's really small potatoes to the joy this blessed machine has brought into my life. 


Laurie said...

Don't you know, all Apple owners are creative and left-handed.

Lynnae Jackson said...

I feel awesome that I made it into your post. :) And I noticed the short cord when I was using a mac mouse with my PC (oh the horror!) before we got a mouse that actually worked. It was annoying.

I'm glad you don't have 100% stars in your eyes about macs.

Oh hey, did you know I use the macs from time to time now? I think I turned Greg's world upside down.