I just got back from the great state of Alaska. I am a pretty lucky girl. I got to go on a cruise with my sister Emily and her boss's family. It was awesome! We met up in Seattle and got to see the McCombs, our friends from California.

Pike Place Market is the best. So many flowers at the right price. I want to move there just for the flowers. Ok and the fish. 

love this packaging. all of their products had letter pressed labels. 

I never had heard about this, but apparently it is pretty famous: the gum wall. At first I thought it would be gross, but I actually think it is beautiful. It is like an edible Pollock painting.

On Sunday, we got on board the ship and headed to Alaska! Our first stop was Juneau: 

We got to ride on a float plane! You know the planes that land on water? It was such a cool feeling to be boating, but yet flying.

We flew to a lodge right across from the Mendenhall Glacier for a bit of Wild Alaskan salmon. 

Emily looking good on the flight

2 thumbs up for salmon!

We took lots of pictures of the thick moss on the trees. 

Next, we headed to Skagway for a little horse back riding tour of the area. 

The whole clan (about 50 of us on the reunion) rode the White Pass Railway train. The track looked uber scary. Here is one of the bridges we went over. Don't tell my mom. 

Our last Alaska stop was the beautiful Ketchikan. 

We went to the lumberjack show. Emily got pretty cozy with the lumberjacks. Just FYI. 

Luckily the stadium for the show was covered and had heaters because it was raining cats and dogs:

In fact, the cold got to me and I was very sick the last 3 days. Luckily the cruise had room service for no extra charge. Best place to be ill! 

Thanks Em for letting me be your roommate! 


melimba said...

Wahoo! You get the best blogger ever award! Love all these pics from ak! Very very beautiful. And love the mini mushrooms. I want them for my very own.

FYI this was
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Ha! Love you.

emily snyder said...

wow - your pictures are soo beautiful! why didn't i steal yours??
i don't think i'll do a blog post, i'll just refer people to yours!

i am dying to hear your thoughts about the help last night!

and sooo need to hear the story of miss' iPad!