Innovative Fabrics

May I share a story?

The other night the family is headed to Zupa's for dinner. My dad was driving separately on his bike. We got there first and decided to check out the latest and greatest at DownEast across the street while we were waiting. Melissa was looking for something specific and I was just perusing/ providing assistance/ insight/ opinions. To my astonishment and delight, I saw that DownEast now carries an Anthropologie rack. Most of the stuff is still ridiculously expensive, but I spotted a pair of denim capris. Before I admire anything too closely, I check the tag.
Awesome. So I inspect further.
It's a nice dark denim and it's a good wide leg capri- very classy shape.
Melissa notices my observation and encourages me to try them on.
"Oh no, I couldn't. We don't have time. Let's just look for you."

Of couse, I did try them on. I was pulling them up to my feet and had them just over my ankles when I feel this sharp pain. Seriously, it felt like hundreds of little miniature needles were stabbing me.
I think I may have had a little audible gasp. I hurried and took them off and checked the tag to see what was going down.

This is what I found:
95% cotton 5% metal

True story. Upon further observation, we saw that there were little tiny shiny specks of metal to give it a little shimmer. Ouch. Who had this idea and who allowed it to happen?

I did a little research if you want to check it out. It looks like you can only get this look from very high end designers, which makes sense because normal people don't want to be in pain if they are spending $1,000 on a clothing item.

image link

Moral of the story: if you're trying on clothes and they look too shiny, check the tag.


melimba said...

why are we both up so late writing blog posts? crazy.

innovative fabrics? INDEED.

what a joke that was! And, I love the comment at the end about normal people not wanting to spend $1,000 dollars on such pain.

good post.

emily snyder said...

oh my heavens!!! gag. gag. who and why would anyone have created such an thing?? you would think someone could have thin metallic fabric instead.

i miss you.
love me.

madeline said...

becca, this is SO funny to me.

bethany jane. said...

Haha! What in the world? Who puts metal in clothing? I love that rack in donweast, too, but strangely enough, it has helped to cure me of my obsession with anthro, (just a little bit). I realized that anthro stuff doesn't look as awesome when it's not surrounded by, well, anthro. Still, it's super awesome that I can now maybe afford to own some of those awesome clothes!