I have a few friends who just barely started their first year of teaching. As I have talked with them about decorations, lesson plans, and discipline I kept thinking of how hard it must be. When you graduate from college you don't realize how much you wouldn't know if you hadn't gone to school.
For example, Sarah Jane and I were discussing the bulletin board where she wanted to have a calendar.
I said, "Well what else are you going to put up here?... like the schedule for each day?... lesson plans?"
She said, "No Becca, I need them to see the numbers so they can learn how to tell what day it is." I forgot that someone had to teach me that. It wasn't just innate. And the more I keep thinking about all those little things I did in elementary school, I am really grateful for all my teachers.

Sarah Jane is teaching 2nd grade. Here she is in her new classroom: 

little owls have each kids name

a natural touch. 

 posing with the owl I made for her bulletin board. 

That is a photo of Sarah when she was in 2nd grade! 

bouquet of newly sharpened pencils

the classroom library all organized and categorized!

While I am feeling all schoolish nostalgia (probably because it is the first week of BYU and I am not there) I am going to commentate my graduation excitement. I also want to pass on some wisdom to my friends who will be future graduates.

#1 Don't buy the robe. You can't rent them anymore, which I think is a little odd. They didn't measure me or ask my height or anything so I'm pretty sure I own the one and only size. Borrow it from me, don't buy it.

#2 As cheesy as it might look, bobby pin your cap to your hair. Maybe I have an unusually small head, but I was battling that cap all the day. It always slid off and at some point I just had to embrace it and pretend like I was going for the "side-cap" look.

#3 Figure out which friends are graduating the same semester as you. Find them to sit by, it will make everything so much better!
Exhibit A: I sat with my darling friends Lauren (left) and Paige (right). I was lucky enough to be in Paige's ward for a year and then she ended up living in my room when I moved out. And I worked with the lovely Lauren for the past year on campus.

Lauren, me, Paige... and the Y!

Dad and I

Freshman reunion in our caps and gowns! Lauren, me, Madeline

asking my mom for my diploma back, oh wait. they only gave us the holding case. 

graduation day in the HFAC 

Giving up on the cap

I spent so so many hours in this wing of the HFAC.
I thought I should have one final stroll, while sporting the cap and gown. 

Pretending to look like a scholar. Oops, I don't think scholars wear robes or flowers these days. 

I wanted a picture with the JKB, I worked there for over a year!
note: this picture was not taken with a holga, but the sky looks sweet.
Melis, me, Lizbert. Loyal supporters. 
These girls patiently sat through my graduation while doodling in their sketchbooks. Lizzy actually took lots of notes. Why? Because one of the speakers kept comparing knowledge to food and saying how delicious it had been to be at BYU...

Grandma Johnson & I with sprinkled Y flags

I am so happy I graduated.

This morning I listened to NPR reporters talk about the low graduation rates for women in Utah. It finally sunk in that I had finished. I graduated from a university. I know that everyone has different circumstances and not everyone is able to have a chance to go to college. I know just how lucky I have been. I tried to thank those who have helped me along the way, but if I missed you- just know that I so glad to have met so many fabulous people and been taught by so many during my BYU experience.
I am so happy that I get to have a bachelor's degree.
Go Cougs!


A Mitton said...

Okay, SJ is the cutest teacher. Those owls are adorable. I want to be in her second grade class.

ellen said...

So what are you doing next?!?

Mikael Squire said...

Congrats Becca and Sarah Jane has got to be THE CUTEST teacher out there! Those are some lucky kids!

brown_sheep said...

yeah, go cougs! love you becca.