Lil' Fishes

Remember that line on "He's Just Not That Into You" when Drew Barymore says that now days we don't get haircuts when we want a change, we just switch our profile picture... etc.

I think about that line all the time.

Especially tonight after I added my little fishies to the side of my blog. I got way too much satisfaction from embedding a gadget onto a web log. But... aren't they cute?!

They are from this site.

In other news, I am in Tejas... which is espanol for Texas. I thought it would be super hot, turns out it is just rainy- which is great news for the fires and the drought.

I am living with my sister's little family and hopefully I will find a rockin' job... and a cowboy.

Once I get settled in a place to live I am going to buy some fish. When I was in high school, two dear friends (thank you Emily Stevens and Becca Paul) gave me a betta fish in high school. It was the best! I named her Coral and she lived for years. Multiple years. On her final days, she was slowing down. My mom put a little sprite in her bowl and she perked right up... and then she died.

But Coral the Second will be in my life soon enough. Until then, please help me enjoy the new lil' fishes on my sidebar.


Reags said...

Way to become a texan. I bet you will find a rockin' job and you will once again be to cool for school.

melimba said...

you are so fancy.

the fish ARE pretty cute.

Hoggey Bears said...

whaaaat I didn't know you went down there! how fun