I posted this couple months ago, but then I felt bad about what I said about facebook, so I took it off. But then I remembered oh yeah this is my blog/my personal soapbox. So here it is.

Not that anyone cares, but I have a few thoughts about Pinterest.

My sister Emily loves loves this site and raves about it to everyone she knows, but she may disagree with some of my next statements. My apologies in advance.

AGAINST pinterest:
-you can only be "inspired" for so long, I would rather be making the things than just looking at them
-it is image overload, blogs give you the images and some words to think about
-most things seem to be "repinned" meaning one image goes through a bunch of people but it isn't very fresh content because it is just going through the rounds for everyone to see it
-people don't come up with their own unique and custom captions for the images

FOR pinterest:
-love being able to save an image without have it bog down my hard-drive. 
-love the validation I get when someone else likes my pin, especially if I found it and didn't just repin something
-like being able to find people with similar styles to me 
-love being able to categorize fun things I see with immediate links

Not that it has anything to do with this, but while I am thinking about my opinions of social media...
Why do people who are in relationships feel like they need to express their affection to the significant other via facebook? Maybe it is just because August is a popular month to get married, but I have seen so so many status updates of girls wishing their husbands happy anniversary and how much they love each other.
Love is great, I fully support love. But I always think, hm if you really love this person a lot, you most likely know where they live, you possibly have their phone number, and you might even see them today or tomorrow. Maybe those options might be better for your personal expression of love rather than on a public website... just a suggestion. 
Am I alone in this opinion? 

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