Seeing the Everyday

Well I finished my internship a bit ago, but I wanted to post about it. 

delicious farewell lunch

let's get a closer view: spaghetti squash with Jarick's homemade tomato sauce and freshly shaved parmesan

I learned a lot about the bus, but much much more about how wonderful this magazine truly is.
One thing we accomplished in the short 4 week time period was a new website!

The old site was beautiful, but not quite as user-friendly as it could be. So we did a re-haul, came up with additional content and then designed and built something entirely new.

Let's talk about the new look:

We used photos for the background of every page on the site. This welcome page has a shot of the spreads from the last issue in the studio. We used transparencies behind the text so you can still "see" the images.

(top) We added more options for and details about submissions. (below) My new favorite page has a list of nice things that bloggers and writers have said about the magazine.

I also love the history page. Because this magazine is so unique, it is nice to understand the background and how many people have contributed to make Seeing the Everyday what it is now.

We really wanted to incorporate images of the actual magazine into the design. If you have ever read Seeing the Everyday you know how beautiful the colors, design, photography, and even paper quality combine to make your experience meaningful. We wanted to capture some of that feeling you have while reading the magazine.

I got to be in Cambridge in the final days before the summer issue was sent to press. It was so fun to print out all the spreads, analyze the cover colors and get to fine-tune the small details as it was sent to print. It was fun to be part of the production process, and then see the result in my own home. 

sprinkler spread in the summer 2011 issue

Fast forward a month later when I am at home back in Alpine. I went and got the mail while my mom and I were eating lunch. I saw the magazine in the mailbox.
I came in and said, "Mom! Special delivery for you!"
She ran, literally ran to the front door while yelling, "Is it my Seeing magazine?!"

We sat on the couch as she looked slowly at each page. She started to cry just looking at the spreads. She hadn't even read the stories yet! But she knew they would be good.

When we got to the final page and we saw my name as part of the team and I was pretty satisfied that I get to be part of something so neat. A project like this that can bring so many positive emotions must be a good thing!

My internship was a fabulous experience for me. I had friends all over the country doing internships this summer. I would hear about some of their projects that they got to take part of or the errands they ran for the people doing the bigger projects. I am so so grateful that the good people at Seeing the Everyday gave me full reign to offer suggestions and then even build my suggestions! They were so nice to give me this great experience.

You can see the site here at seeingtheveryday.com. If you see something that is not working or a broken link, etc. please let me know!


melimba said...

So so great. I love that you explained more of the process. I love that you were able to this internship. I love what a great magazine it is. And, duh, you know I love the website you created!!!! Lovely post (and what a beautiful send off)!

A Mitton said...

There's something uniquely satisfying about seeing the hard copy of a magazine you helped put together, with your name in the masthead. It is one of my very favorite things.

ellen said...

I love this magazine and I like the new site!

Reags said...

That is seriously unreal. You got to be kidding me. Crazy.