Do You Know Her?

She feels like a friend, but I don't know her. But I see her quite often in all my favorite catalogs. 

I'm talking: J.Crew, LL Bean, Anthropologie, Boden, J Jill, and Garnet Hill. 
These images all come from Garnet Hill

 As my sister and I were sharing our memories of this model, Melissa pointed out that Boden catalog is the best because they share info about their models. After a page-by-page search, I found out her name is Edda and a lot of other random fun details.

Such as she loves to be asked over for dinner. She is from Iceland. 
If you are like me and vaguely interested in the model that all your favorite 
clothing stores like, here is her NY Magazine profile

p.s. May I recommend my sister's latest blog post  for some lovely photos of a New England fall? 
Love those Cinderella pumpkins on shelves. The visual designer must be a rockin' human being. 


melimba said...

oh edda.
she IS great, isn't she?

emily snyder said...

haha - i have noticed her in boden and garnett hill too. too funny! we must be sisters or something.

i love that boden tells about the models too. but not loving their clothes. just fyi. :)

i so wish you were with me at wilson's farm. did we ever go there?