If You're Gonna Play in Texas...

My parents love the band Alabama, and I grew up singing these lyrics. Well team, I've had them stuck in my head all week. Why? I'm deciding whether or not to pack my violin because...


Not just to sit around and play with my niece and nephew at the park, or to watch the Sing-Off with Aaron and Melissa, but to work at a real job, at a real office, doing real work!

 I have often heard the phrase, "when it rains, it pours." Usually it is Sarah Jane referring to my dating life because I will go a long time without having a date and then one week, I will have 2 or 3. Crazy! Well that is how the job hunt in Texas has been. I had several interviews, usually 5 or 6 a week on the phone or in person, but in general it was fairly slow. All summer, I have just been hoping and waiting for something really awesome. Then last week, I had 3 interviews in one day with 2 job offers, and then I had to decline invitations for 3 interviews the next week. I am really glad I had all those interviews because I got to meet so many interesting people along the way and learn about all the creative ways people make money.

But luckily, I got the dream job. This was seriously the job that I wanted more than any of the other interviews or job descriptions or companies I heard about. A recruiter found my resume on monster and got me an interview with Click Here, the interactive and digital agency for The Richards Group advertising agency. The interview went great and they offered me a position the next day to design and build websites. A dream come true!

Turns out, it is kind of hard to find a place to live and pack everything up in a week, but luckily my mom is awesome. She has already printed our maps and itinerary and most importantly, she is going to join me for the long drive from Utah to Texas. Best mom ever, right?

So if any of y'all out there have great packing tips or ideas of how to fit everything I have accumulated in my life into a mini car, give me a holler!

Lonestar state, here I come!

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