My Brother, the Model

Remember how my brother is a model?! I do. 

So I realized that I mention my sisters in the blogosphere fairly often, but I have other siblings too. 
And yes, I am related to a model. 

Let me tell you some more about my brother Jesse. 
He is super funny. His hair is better than mine. 
He speaks Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese fluently. 
So of course he lives in China... duh. 

When he isn't modeling, he is doing awesome stuff all over Asia with Zuriick shoes - only the coolest and trendiest shoes in the art department at BYU and every other place that is cool.

And when he is not doing that, you might find him working on visual displays for a little company called Converse. Awesome, right?

Or maybe you might find him setting up stores for Australian designers.  

But right now, it is easiest to see him here on my blog from the scanned magazine spreads I made from the magazine Modern Weekly. They did a feature on Prada so he is wearing all Prada clothing. I don't think I've even touched anything with the name Prada. He has. 

Well let the countdown begin! I am picking him up from the airport in a week and one day. He is making the long trek from Shanghai to Dallas, TX. My whole family is going to be in Dallas for Christmas. How wonderful! Go team!


Reags said...

what the heck. I don't even think I knew you had a brother. Hm. Interesting. How can I be sure you aren't making this guy up.

emily snyder said...

i love this!! where did you find all these pictures!?!?!

melimba said...

we are famous by association.

Hoggey Bears said...

haha I had no idea he was doing all that!! so cool.

Kamera Lynn said...

i concur with reags. i need to see proof.